You Can Probably Fit Online Video Into Your Budget

It Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re no doubt aware that online video has grown significantly in popularity over the last year or two. Many business owners are still skeptical about its benefits and ROI, while others are rushing into it just to keep up.

Rushing through something that will have an impact on how you business is seen is probably not the wisest idea, but in terms of ROI, there is a general misconception that video production has to be costly. This is not the case. This is something SEO-PR‘s Greg Jarboe and Mike McDonald of WebProNews recently discussed at Search Engine Strategies New York:

Doug Mack on Adobe’s Scene7 Blog highlights

some suggestions Sucharita Mulpuru from Forrester Research recently made in an Adobe Webinar for getting started quickly with videos:

- Easy, short talking points

    – Brief, impactful video (i.e. 1-2 minutes maximum) is all you need

– Use your own employees or vendors

– Leverage inexpensive technology

    – iMac, digital camcorders

    – Need not be executed in a professional studio

– Costs are primarily editing labor and server capacity for most basic executions

Video is not just something people are seeking out. It’s something people are sharing with each other, which is a key thing to remember. Yahoo is even embedding video in its SERPs, and Gmail is offering a feature that allows users to view YouTube videos in their email messages. And of course they can be embedded all over the web and shared across social networks.

Like Jarboe says, videos don’t always have to be viral to serve a purpose, but with so many ways for them to be shared, the opportunities for something to break viral are seemingly endless.

There are more tools than ever before available for marketing with video. Take YouTube Insight, which an analytics tool that gives you all kinds of analytical data regarding your videos. They just recently added more features to show you how people are engaging with your videos, and there is plenty of useful data to be gleaned from the tool. I suggest reading my interview with YouTube Product Manager Tracy Chan who discusses not only the tool, but many other ways businesses can use YouTube to their advantage.

If you’re looking to break into online video, don’t rush it. Do some research and use the tools that are available to you. You may find that you can spend a lot less than you think and find new ways to market your business that you didn’t realize you had in you.

You Can Probably Fit Online Video Into Your Budget
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  • http://www.atlantadentalcenter.com/ Atlanta Dentist

    You can drop the costs even more, if you have a heavy traffic site and you’re placing a video on it but uploading it to youtube.com and then displaying on your site that way. Plus you get the youtube exposure.

  • http://www.allseasonsconstruction.com/ Jeff

    I have just started getting into video production. I would say you do have some initial costs if you want to make something semi-professional looking, but after that you do not really have recurring costs, so it’s worth it.

    • http://googlingsocial.com/gfc.php Chris Lang

      You are definitely going to want a copy of Camtasia and learn how to use it.

      Also shoot your videos in high resolution since YouTube now takes 1280px wide videos and displays high res video.

      Looks way better at full screen mode.

  • http://www.westcoastvinyl.com/windows.html West Coast Vinyl

    Those initial costs are small. You can probably use your camera on your phone. The quality of the pics will not be great but if you have awesome content, and conveys the message.
    Thats what everybody wants to see.

    • http://www.lexolutionit.com Maneet Puri

      I dont think professional businesses should take a chance with camera videos. Its always better to invest money and get a profesional video on the website.

      • Guest

        I went to last years Marketing seminar in London, and attended the Google University, hoping to learn some insight and potential SEO edge for my company.

        All they did was ram YouTube down your throat, talking about Viral marketing and using Coke as an example.

        You what a company with billions of marketing revenue to showcase YouTube to people like me that have a

  • http://googlingsocial.com/gfc.php Chris Lang

    With the new social features that are rolling out all over any of the Google properties right now, YouTube is more viable than ever.

    I used to hate Google and most of it’s (I thought) crappy, rinky dink sites that seemed to give my traffic away to other sites with in them, YouTube in particular.

    Now I am a total convert and am using Google for most of my promotions. Do not what ever you do discount YouTube especially right now when users of these new and upcoming social features are few.

  • http://www.convima.com Convima – Content & Video Marketing

    Yes, Online Videos are growing and YouTube can be a viable partner. By the way, we use TubeMogule on top of it to reach out to more hosting services.

    But really the question here is whether companies will invest into videos and whether that will fit into their budget or not. Honestly, many videos can be made with a budget of USD 3.000 and sometimes, much less. Considering that this will give you an incredible exposure on SERPS and also a competitive advantage (say you’re displayed on the same result page than your competitor, but your result displays a video…) , the benefit is massive. Only thing is, ROI is not calculated on a “how many people did not click on my competitor but on my result”-basis. Those leads are invaluable, as potential clients automatically see you as the better company to go and see…

    So, if you want to continue growing, better take that cash into your hands and invest in an online video!

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