You Can Now Eat Your Instagram Photos, Thank God

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At its core, Instagram takes an analog process and places it firmly in the digital realm. To then take those filtered images and put them on something tangible, that you can hold in your hand, may seem odd to some people.

But what if you could eat them? Yes, eat your Instagram photos.

Well, now you can. A new service called Boomf allows Instagram users to put their favorite photos on marshmallows.

"Instagram lets you share your memories, but Boomf makes sharing even sweeter. And squidgier. If Willy Wonka and Proust had a brainstorm, we reckon they'd have drawn some Boomfs on a napkin. Maybe," says Boomf.

All you have to do is select 9 of your favorite Instagram photos and Boomf will print them on little sqaure marshmallows and mail them to you door. What you do with them is up to you. I like putting marshmallows in hot chocolate, and I also love rice krispies treats - although it may be a waste of money to just melt your new minted marshmallows. Anyway, they have a shelf life of about 6 months, according to the company.

If you're thinking about giving Boomf a spin, do note that the type of Instagram photo you choose could severely affect the outcome of your photo marshmallow.

"For best results, we advise avoiding Instagrams with large dark areas, as the detail gets slightly lost. In general, Boomf looks tastiest when you use relatively simple images with good contrast. For example, it is better to choose an Instagram with a couple of faces, rather than a group shot of a dozen people," says the company.

Also, it's currently only available in the UK. Sorry, America. According to Boomf, you can expect worldwide expansion by early next year.

Images via Boomf

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