You Can Google on Yahoo

    October 26, 2006

In reacting to Google’s Do you “Google?” post, I think Ben Metcalfe speaks for a lot of people. In Google can go shove their lexicographical advice’ up their ass he says:

But in the end, regardless of whether it’s positive, harmful or somewhat in between for Google, I for one don’t like to be told how to use the English language.

The decision of which words I use is my decision. The decision to refer to trademarked terms as generic terms in conversation through to casual blogging is my decision. Together as society, the choice of which terms are used regularly and thus become officially public domain is our decision.

We own our language. So Google, you can go shove your lexicographical advice’ up your ass.

I think it’s been well established that fighting the will of your users is a bad idea (see also: Friendster). So, as far as I’m concerned, you’re more than welcome to google on Yahoo. Or MSN. Or

In fact, why not google wherever the hell you want. Search boxes really aren’t that hard to find nowadays, are they?

But the if the lawyers really do threaten you, I guess you could always yahoo.



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