You Better Get Comfortable with eBay’s New Search

Soon You Won't Have a Choice

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eBay is 86ing its old search engine in favor of its newer one. Up until this point, users have been able to choose the one they prefer, but according to eBay the majority are using the new one, so you can kiss the old one goodbye.

Jeff King "Last year we introduced new search technology that makes it faster and easier to find just what you’re looking for on eBay," explains Senior Director of Finding Jeff King. "In a nutshell, it looks at a multitude of details in listings to deliver more of the results you want. It makes it easy to browse and narrow your selection, and lets you choose how you want to see the results. With the new auto-complete feature it even ‘anticipates’ what you’re typing in the search box. Get a closer look and some great tips for searching."

King says that 90% of eBay users are using the new search engine and that they will be retiring the old one in April. He also says that the response from the community has been great.

But as Sue Bailey at TameBay points out, eBay’s U.S. discussion board paints a different picture. People have called the new search slow and clumsy and called the "opt out" feature it’s best one. King says those who have opted out will get reminder messages as April approaches.

As Far as Sellers Are Concerned…

eBay is continuing to expand opportunities to use product details in listings. King says it’s one of the best ways to boost your exposure in the new search.

After a round of complaints, MarniSue (at the eBay discussion board) of the eBay Classification Team says the following changes have been made to the search experience (changes not limited to these):

- Adding the Tabs back into the experience

– Updating Advanced search to require less scrolling and an additional search button

– Changing the sort for the Search Expansion

– Integrating the search Expansion more closely to the search results

– Including stores by default in the BIN tab

– upgrading the left side of the page to make search options more discoverable

– Returning the Global search bar to the very top of the page

– Adding related searches to the new search experience

– Reducing pageweight to make the experience more agile & increasing the loadtime of the page

– Adding opt out to the top of the page consistently

– Fixing issues with Size, Brand, Condition & Color as reported by the community

– Amending the identical listing policy:Link

– Adding the store & powerseller icons to the sellers other items page

– Showing the watch items link by default in the search results

– changing the way sort & view operate from hover over to drop downs

Please share your thoughts about the new eBay search with us. Which version do you like better?

You Better Get Comfortable with eBay’s New Search
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  • http://randomplaza.com/help.anonymous.php Anonymous

    eBay always lies. They make up fake statistics all the time.

    It’s more likely 100% of users hate the new search. 10% of them are too lazy to opt out.

    • http://nymarts.com NYM Arts

      And I’ve found a Perfect Example of Padded Listings.
      See for yourself.
      Go to Ebay.com and punch in MICA SHADE.
      It will say 30 items at the top.
      You will actually count only 24.
      Of those, only 4 are worth looking at.

  • Johnny

    So now those of us who supply tons of traffic to eBay have to worry about the auto fill-in feature suggesting trademark items that conflict with the domain that sends the traffic.

    Thanks eBay !

  • Guest

    Practically no one. They have forced far too many unwanted, idiotic, destructive changes on their sellers, just so they can justify their jobs. New Search, indeed! Just another way to give preference to the huge-volume cheapo sellers they’ve partnered up with.

  • Ebay: The New Microsoft in the World of Hated Technology

    Everyone hates Microsoft and when they CAN they will leave it for other tech like Apple or Linux. Ebay has turned itself into the “new” Microsoft and are not just as hated. However, there are more alternatives to ebay than there are to computer operating systems. The biggest winner in this race is Bonanzle. There are other places to sell on the net but Bonanzle is emerging at the clear winner.

    • Guest

      Apple has problems like Microsoft, too.

      Bonanzle actually is worse than eBay. eBay pays for advertisements all over the internet and gets people that way. Bonanzle merely spams all over the internet and gets people that way. Bonanzle doesn’t just spam this blog, but it spams all blogs very very very very heavily. Yes, eBay is bad but spam is much worse. If you join bonanzle, you reward spam.

      • Guest

        That is just not true. You have been sadly misinformed.

      • http://nymarts.com NYM Arts

        Okay, STOP RIGHT THERE.
        You’re Fulla Crap and I won’t Stand for it.
        Your words Qualify as Defamation.

        BONANZLE is Now almost 33, 000 members at this writing.
        They are Gaining 1000 members Every 5 DAYS !

        If Ebay was so Great, IT WOULD BE….BONANZLE !
        Clean Community
        Excellent Selection of All Kinds of STUFF ! ! !
        Hands Down the EASIEST listing routine I’ve Ever Experienced.
        My Own Personal Chatroom in My Own Booth !
        WAY Reasonable Final Value Fee.

        Now THAT’s the Truth.

  • Guest

    I don’t like the new search, but then a lot of what EBay has done lately has been bad decesions in my opinion. I quit selling there a long time ago. The rules, the fees and changing to things not the best is just way to much for a small seller like me to handle.
    I went to Bonanzle and have had a much better time and the site is super cool and i’m actually getting sales there.

  • Guest

    I am starting to see this everywhere, and really would like to know the definition of “spam”
    Because most of this is a persons opinion, does not make it spam. If you go back in time to all the events relating to ebays rising, would that then be considered spam, because someone choose that site as their format? What is wrong with you people? Feeling a little pinch? Nervous? Something might be better than the bay?
    So the bay is sliding into the “bay” so to speak, and we now have another site to choose from for our on-line needs. I see no “spam” definition in liking one place over the other, and saying our opinion. You don’t have to listen, and you have the choice to go anywhere you want. Just like the rest of us.

  • http://www.bonanzle.com/renagade Renagade

    Well between this and the fact eBay chose to hand out my personal info to a user that was SUSPENDED for “supicious activty” I am done ever selling there again!
    You can find me on Bonanzle.com

  • 83bj60

    I was just thinking that I must be getting really old, like in ‘grumpy old-timer’, as NONE of the so-called ‘improvements’ be they at eBay with this new “search experience”(WTF, are they sect now?!), PayPal forcing its mafia ways onto ebay users, Microsoft imposing its newspeak in Office 2007, Macromedia forcing you to install its bloatware for stuff that worked faster and better in HTML, NONE are designed with the user in mind.

    It’s all about molding the user and force him or her into _your_ way of thinking, nothing less. The arrogance of these corporations knows no bounds.

    They want to impose their newspeak on me? April 2009 is the last day they’ll see me there. And as far as spam is concerned, you should see the amount I get from them for not showing up as often as I used to.

  • Boxcarvibe

    If Jeff King says most of Ebay’s visitors are using the new search experience, what he’s not telling you is they make it the default search when one logs on. Quite often, the “opt out” link isn’t anywhere to be found, or its wedged amongst text at the bottom.

    Anyone who regularly searches Ebay for products they want will tell you that their new experience is:

    a. SLOW! Pages take almost 5-10 seconds longer to load due to tons of Flash and other junk applications.

    b. Smooth Scrolling doesn’t exist. Pages don’t scroll smoothly when using the wheel on the mouse. I wonder if their designers even use them. Obviously they don’t…or they’d see their poor design and fix it.

    c. It saps system operations with tons of background code that make it slow loading (already said that), but make a selection on an item…then hit your back key…and you’re back at the top of the page, not where you left it. Or, you get annoying flashes when making selections.

    d. I’ve been magicly logged out of my sessions, had my custom selections reset to defaults, had over 171,000 findings on relatively obscure items…ones that returns less than 100 items on the old search…well, the list goes on.

    What Ebay WON’T do is survey their users to see which they prefer. They’re supposedly choosing to rely on their statistics to tell them what to do. But on thier forums, where users can leave feedback, the #1 responses are those to HATE the New Search. One forum has had their feedback counters reset because they were nearing 5,000 negative responses.

    • Guest

      Unless you have an ultra high speed connection and multi-gig processor and memory the new ebay search engine will leave you stranded while bulky content loads and bogs down your browser. Mine has even crashed during page loads and I have a high speed verizon fios connection.
      What about all the people who are not armed with the latest and greatest technology and just want to buy and sell and save or make a few bucks? Ebay should provide a lo-fi version of its pages and search engine so ordinary people, like those who got this going in the first place have a marketplace they can use.

    • mahhhtain

      everything he said and more
      i have been with the bay since day 1
      mostly a good experience with only 3 bad buyers/sellers in over 500 trans…not bad considering.

      but…BUT…i will never sell on ebay again and will only buy if it’s more than a screamin deal because…

      im on craigslist much more though it offers much less BUT its fasssst.
      now to search on ebay it’s sloowwwwww….painfully so. I fail to see how the new search methods got out of a trial into complete domination????

      takes me 2x as long to narrow my search and i gotta say g’buy to the bay for selling, maybe a 2x/year buying experience but jeeez…theres gotta be lots like me????? the bay is going to mostly biz sales?

      OK…who’s gonna come up with the new bay thats just like the old bay and run the new bay outta beeswax?


      goodbye bay

  • wouldnt you like to know

    Power Corrupts
    Absolutle Power Corrupts Absolutly

    The New ebay Managment is Running ebay into the Ground, Just Look at there Stock at one Put there Stock Traded for 57$ each, it is Down to $15 each, Thats a rather Large Loss, with all the increase in fee’s they have emposed on Us for the same service.

    Hmm was it the economy No, No it was all the changes ebay Made, You see when Ppl are low on cash they sell there stuff, Right Now ebay should be Booming right, Well it’s not and it’s because ebay has alienated a lot of there Top Sellers an virtually Turn there backs on Us all to suit the needs of the buyer.

    We the Sellers Run ebay’s Business, ebay is only a Service Provider, Without Us Ebay is just another website an would be nothing but a drop in the bucket.

    The Changes ebay has made has Corrupted there Orignal Business Plan, Any New changes, will make No differance, as there Business depends on the Seller, and unless Your a powerseller You do not exsist to them.

    As For ebays new Search. Why Change Something that already works Perfectly, and has worked the entire time ebay has exsisted

    It’s Nuts, Insanity, It takes 10 times longer to find Stuff, Categories are all messed up and You can not narrow the Search small enough to find what You want, which ends up taking much longer then the old ebay search, where you can just go to the category an then search by terms. New Search is Missing why to many Categories to be Viable.

    But what can We do ebay is like the mafia, you disagree with them they get rid of You. It’s there way or the Highway as they put it.

    You don’t like what ebay is doing, “there new business plan an motto” Take Your business somewhere else, We don’t need You.

    ebay is only doom to fail, trying to use Amazons Style to get rid of them Shame on You. Forcing a Corrupt feedback system on Us, Limiting payment options to paypal only, We all pay the Same Fee’s to list yet, only some get Top page ranking in Ebays search, Limit Us on how much We can charge shipping, and the list goes on an on an on.

    Ebay strayed far from it’s business plan to build a Honest Community of buyers an sellers, it has Turned it’s back on it’s sellers, it’s business plan an is now Corrupt and is no better the the CEO’s of Enron


  • Ricardo Puertas

    Used Ebay since 2000, seen a few changes in that time, until recently all for the good. However the latest round of tinkering is causing major grief. There is a very good adage, ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it'; obviously Ebay have never heard of that. I get a distinct impression the development was done by backroom staff using vertical typesetting monitors, if we all had these 90% of the new problems would be resolved; yet another example of geeks living in a different world from members. Ebay is certainly not as much fun as it was, and my visits are far less frequent. I would often remain connected all day, now a week may pass before I login again. I don’t believe I’m alone in this change of habit, which is why so many sellers are complaining of lost business. The credit crunch could be to partially to blame, but the lion’s share is due to the appallingly designed new front end which is a deterrent.

    My biggest gripe is how information is displayed, its too large, Ebay suggested resizing my browser zoom – yep GREAT, except all other web sites were then minute!!! That bum advice soon got reversed. Whether its one’s home page or search results, due to advertising pop-ups taking top priority there is now an incredible amount of unneccessary scrolling, pointing and clicking. Also its much slower.

    Vital columns of information in search listings have disappeared which means more time wasted opening up individual auctions to find the information you need.

    In the run up to this flawed rollout a search opt-out was available, this has been withdrawn. If Ebay were truly interested in their members needs they should have left the search opt-out in place and introduced a new opt-out for your home page. Opt-out statistics would quickly let them know which the majority of members preferred to use. PLEASE LET MEMBERS DECIDE ON DISPLAYS AND SEARCH METHODS – NOT EBAY!

  • Angy Ebay User

    The new experience is slow and rubbish. Should and will lose ebay customers. Idiots!

  • Guest

    Here eBay goes again changing things that do not need to be changed and mentioned before in this forum, if it

  • Guest

    Try eBay Box chrome extension. It is the simplest and fastest way to search in eBay.

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