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Common to every martial arts discipline is maintaining your physical, mental and emotional center. That the only time(s) you are thrown is when you are misdirected away from your own center.

While learning how to earn your living online, you are confronted by many real and self-proclaimed gurus all hawking their information. I mean no disrespect to my fellow cyber space marketeers. This overwhelming amount of information overload is enough to pull Jackie Chan off balance!

There are three tiers of “guru” all selling product. The ones making the most money and giving the best service have been on the Internet for a very long time. They paid their dues, continue to learn and share, and have developed credibility over the years.

The second tier have been on the Internet a shorter time. They have seen needs and developed new products. Many of these products overlap but have certain unique qualities. Pick those which complement your own Internet Marketing style.

The third tier are those fairly new to Information Marketing, such as myself, who are developing their own Internet Marketing style. You ARE developing your own Internet Marketing style, aren’t you??? It is OK modifying what you see out there to suit your own style.

Note that the Japanese did NOT invent the transistor. We Americans did! We SOLD them the technology. Why? The Japanese wanted to make radios! The Japanese excel at adapting technology already in place. We can learn from them. Study all the Internet Marketing ideas/products out there. Modify those which appeal to you and forget about the rest. Don’t lose your focus and balance!

Jim Daniels created a killer eZine viewable on the web, (http://www.bizweb2000.com/gazette/). This is what I had been looking for! I did not copy him! I modified his style. However, I am experimenting by taking it one step beyond. Both our eZines on the following sites do the following:

* 1) pop up, * 2) after reading you can click on “ENTER” and be on the home page OR you can close it by clicking the “X” in the upper right hand corner, * 3) on the home page you can click on a link and re-read it.

Jim also sends his eZine out to his subscribers as a TXT file. To MY way of thinking, this takes up bandwidth. AND the longer the copy, the more likelihood those new SPAM blockers will censor it. My subscribers won’t receive it. Instead I email a short notice worded and styled to pass uncensored. This short email lets them know their latest edition is now available at my homepage. This is experimental and I will let you know the results down the line. Meanwhile, I’m keeping my eyes open to see if anybody experiments with my idea – they are welcome to! Or…maybe they know something I don’t. Time will tell.

I learn by DOING. Once upon a time, I was a professional opera singer. I wanted work and prostituted my art by favoring chorus and small parts. My voice and style is unique. I might have gone much further in my field had I capitalized upon my uniqueness rather than the mediocre security I found by suppressing it! Never again!

For this reason I take my inordinate time evaluating and deciding upon the Internet Marketing products I buy and use. There are some products available which I find very questionable. One of them encrypts web pages. Nobody can “steal” your code! My question is, “If I encrypt my web pages, will search engine spiders find them and rank them correctly?” If so, I might consider this product. However, do I really care if somebody “steals” my HTML code(s)???

Two other products promise to “cloak” affiliate links – and they are very user-friendly. One of them recently hawked by an affiliate showed the “cloaking” code – which has not even the sophistication of a Captain Midnight decoder ring! I have yet to test the other product which promises “real” encryption – but likely, upon exploration thru Google, I may find how to crack it. Meanwhile, through a little luck and several source codes from other sites, I discovered a pretty good method. When you click on our sites you will never know whether you are on our site or an affiliate’s. UNLESS you look at the source code on the affiliate’s site – you will see our affiliate numbers. Busted! But if somebody goes this far, do I really want to do business with this person?!?!?!

Special Note: there are some affiliate sites which protect their affiliates. They allow us to replace their header logos with ours and sometimes add our own footers. They make their site look more like ours. Several go further and give the surfer the option: book through our affiliate’s site OR go thru your travel agent! This is a travel agent only site and generally gives a lower price than other travel agents have available! They protect our competitive advantage!

So – you see – I take my time to think, test, experiment and see what works for me. This is how I am earning my guru credentials.

Before you can add, you must learn the numeric system. Later you understand that everything is addition. Subtraction? ADD negative numbers. Multiplication? ADD the same number many times. Division? ADD that negative number many times. Now let’s go on to algebra, calculus, etc.

Learn the basics! After very close contemplation I have bought several products which I feel will enhance my knowledge, skills and growth of my Internet businesses. Before a carpenter can build a house, he/she needs tools. Good tools. Not “ON SALE” “Five and Dime” tools. Not even do-it-yourself tools found in Home Depot. I mean “professional” grade tools – top of the line Craftsman or even better, “Snap-On!” I have purchased these top-grade professional Internet Marketing tools. When you visit (http://www.FlightToQuality/com) and (http://www.EarnYourLiving.com) you will see how I build with these tools.

Let me leave you with a philosophical concept I recently discovered – very logical if you accept basic postulates:

* 1) God created Man/Woman in his own image. * 2) God is Love. * 3) Therefore his image, Man/Woman, is love. * 4) Love cannot hate. * 5) Therefore his image, Man/Woman, cannot hate.

Business Application: You cannot hate your competitor(s). They cannot hate you. To even try pulls you off your center, and results in lower mutual profitability.


Robert Leggett has over 10 years experience marketing the scuba industry over the Internet. His focus has changed. Robert works with individuals and business owners all over the world. He helps them succeed in business and achieve financial independence. Visit him at – http://www.EarnYourLiving.com Subscribe to his “Free for Life” newsletter – “CyberSpaceMarketeer” – Receive your Free eBook.

You Are Your Very Best Guru!
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Robert Leggett has over 10 years experience marketing the scuba industry over the Internet. His focus has changed. Robert works with individuals and business owners all over the world. He helps them succeed in business and achieve financial independence. Visit him at - http://www.EarnYourLiving.com Subscribe to his "Free for Life" newsletter - "CyberSpaceMarketeer" - Receive your Free eBook. WebProNews Writer
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