You Are Google’s Passive Job Recruit

    August 30, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Not content with bringing Kai-Fu Lee out of Redmond, Google seems intent on bringing other Microsoft staffers in from the cold.

Have you egosurfed today? Are you a Microsoft staffer with hot skills? Did you find a sponsored link to Google Jobs at the top of the first search result page?

A post at Connected Internet observes how a Google query for a MSN search staffer named Susan Dumais returned an interesting link on the first SERP:

Work on NLP at Google Google is hiring experts in statistical language processing.

For years, employers and employment agencies have sought “passive” job recruits. These are people who are employed and not actively searching for another position. This of course makes them highly desirable by other employers.

Google seems to be using its AdSense technology to help liberate other passive recruits from other employers. Reportedly, Google’s quest for the best and brightest has driven up salaries for people with certain programming capabilities and skill sets. Since they hire so many people as well as paying them a decent salary, other tech companies have supposedly had difficulty bringing similar employees on board.

That situation may have gotten worse for those companies. Google’s dominant share in search queries could mean more worthy techies may find themselves seeing a sponsored link to Google’s job bank.

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