Yoga Wear: When Will Women Learn?

    April 24, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Ladies, I’m going to tell you something that you probably don’t want to hear:

Yoga pants should not be worn anywhere you don’t want someone looking at your butt crack. When you wear yoga pants, your crack shows. Sometimes shows in flesh tones. We can read the label on your panties.

If you insist on wearing them, make sure your butt is covered by your top. Failing that, under no circumstances should you stoop or bend over for anything. If you drop car keys, leave them and call for someone to pick them up. Don’t mess with your kids. Don’t tie your shoes. And don’t blame anyone who looks at your backside. They likely aren’t being lewd. They’re wondering why you are.

This is the kind of thing that, in some circles, could get my Man Card revoked. But I think some guys — especially fathers with daughters — will thank me for finally saying what no one else had the courage to say. It’s kind of like the Emperor’s New Clothes.

I know, I know. You’re going to protest that only those “faulty” Lululemon pants had that problem.

Nope. That’s what bewildered us guys when that story broke. Did you ladies not realize that MOST yoga pants do that? Ask a girlfriend. Bend over in front of her and ask. Then return the favor.

Think these are all one line of Lululemon?

Oh, and by the way, Uggs are hideous.

Image via Twitter

  • miketuttleisgay

    mike tuttle: go be a fag elsewhere. just because you would rather see balls doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t like girls in yoga pants.

    • Whitey_Bulging

      He’s trying to be subtle in telling fat women to stop wearing these.

      Get a clue.

    • lefty

      I argee, mike should go and hide under a rock. I love woman in yoga pants. Its the best thing that man invented….

  • J

    Worst article ever. What this guy doesn’t understand is women love showing off their ass, just as much as men love staring at it.

    • Lee Curtis

      Yeah, the problem is that not everyone is content just staring. When some guy decides he wants a handful, he ends up end the newspaper labeled a “perv”, and it’s never mentioned that the “victim” was basically naked.
      I don’t care what women wear as long as they understand that the attention they will get well come in all forms, not just staring.

      • discreet-oilspill37

        Wow ever heard of hands 2 your self?! Or personal space 4 that matter?! For sanity sake, even the strip club rule is look no touch! When u make it physical, U R A PERV!
        & that’s why the stereo type of brainless, sticks 2 men so well… Learn 2 read the line in the sand you callous moron

        • Lee Curtis

          Again, “keep your hands to yourself, but give me the attention and the money” is YOUR ideal reaction from men, but the market place sets its own price. You put yourself in a predicament where the temptation for a man touching you is greater than the consequence.
          By the way, the real strip club rule is, “whatever the 300lb bouncer says goes”. You may think it’s “look but don’t touch”, but let those strippers forget to pay the bouncer and see how long they last in a room full of drunk men.

      • Kappy

        Blame the victim for someone else’s actions, really? A woman (and man for that matter) should be able to walk around in whatever she choosees to wear without the fear that someone will assault her. Would you blame a victim if he was murdered or a victim instead of her rapist? You’re pathetic Lee Curtis.

      • Dawn Conti

        The term is called seual assault and EVEN if she is naked, you DO NOT have any rights to touch her.
        WHY can`t you guys get that through your horney little head.
        It is a fashion statement.
        MEN do not understand why women wear these clothes.
        It is to hold us in place. we do not want to feel our fat moving around.
        Now you know the REAL reason.

    • Whitey_Bulging

      Unless she has to buy an XL.

      Sorry… if you’re an XL, you probably shouldn’t shop at Victoria’s Secrets.

      • discreet-oilspill37

        /agreed !!! Their needs 2 be government regulation on body weight too clothing material ratio. Also their should be required IQ test 4 any & all electronics purchases! If ur too stupid 2 use it then PLZ don’t buy it!!!!

      • Vanessa

        Um, half of the VS models have little boy bodies and hank hill asses. Women are supposed to have hips, booties, boobs, and curves

        • Whitey_Bulging

          Absolutely. But if you wear an XL, you’re just fat.

  • #Don’tSlapGodInTheFace

    Seriously? God wants women to wear yoga pants. Read Leviticus.

  • ZachZamora

    The article basically says, “Don’t get mad when you bend over, and you catch me staring at your revealing ass!”

  • Mahater


  • slippery johnson

    I had this discussion with a younger 20 something that thought I was a pervert for looking at her. I had to explain to her that I am man attracted to women and when they wear pants that flow into their crack, it grabs my attention. I said the real pervert is the person who pulled a pair of pants up into her crack so everything could be seen and then left the house and walked around like she was wearing paint instead of pants. She had very little to say.

    • Anthea

      Probably because she was appalled at how misogynistic you are.

      • slippery johnson

        Eat me. You don’t even know me or what that word means. I don’t hate women. Looking at a woman dressed in tight clothes is not misogynistic. I looked at her because I love women. Look a word up before you use it. I’m guessing you’re a big girl who can’t get away with those pants. Go eat a cake and cry into your pillow.

        • Dawn Conti

          That is BECAUSE YOU NEVER bothered to look up the definition of Miogynist. YOU ARE A MISOGYNIST

      • Chester Payne

        It’s not misogynistic to point out a horribly bad fashion choice when you see one. Face it: yoga pants anywhere on the planet outside of a yoga class are just a bad decision.

      • Choconet

        I’m a woman but I must think like a man because I’m on the men’s side on this. You don’t want a man to stare at it then don’t put it on display. You can’t have it both ways! Only you know why your wearing those skin hugging pants and its to say “Look at me, look at my great @$$.” Well guess what! That is exactly what a man, straight or gay is going to do LOOK! Both straight and gay men are thinking “Man I wish I had that @$$!” Of course this statement has a very different meanings for straight or gay men, but you get the point.

  • cece

    None of the pictures are of yoga pants. Those pictures are leggings.

    • nordik_kennels

      Exactly! True yoga pants are quite thick.

      • Chester Payne

        The only real difference between yoga pants and tights is how the legs fit below the knee.

        • flyby

          Noooo… tights are meant to be worn with sweater dresses and yoga pants are way thicker material. Someone needs to teach people the difference.

        • lefty

          You mean above the knees, see what mean…
          High five to all woman with leggings and yoga pants…..

    • N.

      Exactly. I was shocked when I saw the pictures. I work at a store that sells yoga pants (actual yoga pants) to teens, and they look much thicker than this. You could only see ass crack if you were wearing one that was too tight for you (I.e. the wrong damn size) but most women don’t have the see through issue with them. The brand is called “Jenni.”

  • Anyonymous

    The first picture aren’t yoga pants, they look like tights. All the others are compression pants, not yoga pants. And yeah, don’t buy the see through kind. I don’t know, kinda dumb article, but maybe it’s because I’m a girl (who does not live in “yoga” pants).

  • $35728529

    Not to nitpick, but most of these aren’t even yoga pants…they’re leggings or tights. And, to be perfectly frank, I’m a single young woman, I’ve got a nice body I’ve worked hard for and if I’m going to wear some tight pants (never see-through, though!), I’m fully aware guys are going to look and feel free. Sometimes the ego boost is nice.

    • Whitey_Bulging

      That’s not nitpicking… it’s true. These women want the look but won’t pay the money for the real thing.

    • Choconet

      At least your truthful about why you’re wearing them and that’s cool. Some girls wear them then get upset at men for looking at their @$$. You have it on display what are people supposed to do when something is displayed look away. You don’t go to a museum to not look at the displays.

  • butt

    ginger banks’ pants are yoga pants. a little less see through, but see through none the less. i dont mean to be rude, or not PC, but i dont understand why women complain about men and sex and how we put pressure on women to look sexy, and they turn around and pull this type of crap? at least half of the male population is telling you to stop showing off your ass. so who is to blame for your need to have everything hanging out? ….. Maybe yourself? Maybe we should stop blaming newspapers and the media?

    That is my only problem with this type of thing. It’s just hypocritical. If you like showing off your butt ad attracting that kind of attention then do it and own it. Don’t turn around and act like the victim of some over sexed guy staring or some victim of societal pressure to dress a certain way. Just own it.

  • discreet-oilspill37

    Yoga pants r Gods gift 2 men since all the women took the global economy over & divebombed it straight into WW3. Enjoy the show now boys!!! Won’t last too much longer when the bombs start dropping!!!
    P.s. if u come 2 my bomb shelter, seeking sanctuary, the only clean clothing I will have 2 spare are yoga pants & wife beaters :p

  • Mary English O’Malley

    Not for nothing but I own a pair of yoga pants and these are not them. Mine are thick, black and flared at the bottom. Nobody would ever accuse them of being see thru or riding up my crack. What you are seeing in the pictures are leggings and are meant to be worn underneath a long shirt or a dress. Maybe the author of this article should brush up on his knowledge of female fashion before he writes more idiotic articles criticizing what women are wearing, I see men wearing some pretty scary looking things that are way less than flattering too but I don’t write articles about it or take pictures on my cell phone….because I’m a grown up and couldn’t care less what somebody ELSE is wearing!

  • A

    Ha, sorry the author just revealed himself to be a massive douchecanoe. Policing women rather than trying to control himself.

  • Vanessa

    i wear yoga pants, and they are not see through. the key is getting a pair that fits you. just because they stretch doesn’t mean you should squeeze your XXL frame into a S.

    • N.

      Thank you!!!!! You must grab the right size and make sure they are truly yoga pants (not leggings. Not tights.), unlike the women in the photos. That’s how you avoid this problem.

  • Dudemanbro

    Don’t stop wearing them. I enjoy looking at your penoches.

  • inevercommentbutthisissodumb

    you are obviously an idiot. Yoga pants are lewd? AND I have never seen yoga pants that are see through like in those pictures.

  • jo1973hn

    hey, they are welcome to wear yoga pants and leggings, or, nothing at all! I enjoy the view….

  • Mrs.Lisa

    Okay, those are not the yoga pants I wear! Those are mostly “tights” trying to be passed off as yoga pants!!!!! And if a girl wants to wear “tights” the more power to her because she obviously wants to show off her assets (whether you like them or not) and has the CONFIDENCE to do so! And Uggs might be ugly but they are the most FREAKING WARMEST boots EVER!! So, cheers to my YOGA pants and UGGS!!! Because I look damn cute and confident to wear them! XO

  • hawkeye22407

    only one fail in that entire list. the rest? yum!!!

  • Lee Curtis

    Yoga pants just reveals womens desperate need for any sort of attention. Just to prove a point, men should wear these pants for just one day, and watch all the names we get called.

    • indirection

      Someone should do a youtube video with that theme :-)

    • Markakapops

      no we shouldnt

  • Alouisis1

    If women dress this way they have no right to complain about people looking. They do not wear see through pants to encourage you to look at their shoes.

  • mandy

    all those pictures look a lot more like leggings and not yoga pants fyi

  • Leiah464

    On the flip side, when will guys stop wearing those bike shorts when they are street biking? Don’t they know that they are see through as well? especially when there’s sweat “down there.” Ugh. Not attractive. At all.

    • Lee Curtis

      You answered your own question. You never see men in bike shorts if they’re not on a bike. Seeing how there are no sidewalk yoga classes, why do we keep seeing women in yoga pants? Furthermore, since yoga attire is traditionally loose, Indian clothing, when did it become skin tight, see through street wear?

  • Dirk E, Sanchez

    And you are aware, some people should not be wearing yoga pants at all…

  • scottinsd

    Bless you, yoga pants. I hope they never, ever go away.

  • cindy

    As a women I completely agree! Yoga pants are meant for practicing yoga! Just because something is made in your size doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear it!

  • LLF

    Who the hell cares. Stop patronizing women for wearing comfortable clothing. Even if it is see through, it is never an open invitation for men to do anything. This “issue” should be directed at men, not women.

    • Lee Curtis

      Not all invitations are verbal.

      • LLF

        Actually they are. It is only an invitation when women verbally agree. They can wear what the want. Even if they are wearing a short skirt and tube top, it doesn’t give men an excuse to do anything. This is the basis of “slut-shaming” and even rape. It doesn’t matter what you wear. Men like you should be able to be respectful and keep it in your pants.

        • Lee Curtis

          Does a bleeding animal verbally agree to be eaten in shark infested waters? No. Bleeding in shark infested water is a physical invitation. There is such a thing. How you think the shark “should” behave makes little difference to the shark.

          • LLF

            So you think shark and men are the same things? Yeah because that’s accurate. This situation is completely irrelevant to completely capable human beings.

          • Dawn Conti

            Capable human beings???/ I guess that lets you out, huh.

          • Dawn Conti

            and that is why we have jails. for sharks like YOU.
            Sometimes what happens is up to the shark keeper.

          • Lee Curtis

            So you’re saying that women need strangers attention SO MUCH, that they are willing to be dependent on whether or not a man is willing to risk jail time?You’re saying that jails were built to house sex offenders AFTER they have already assaulted you? Why so desperate for attention from strangers? Chances are any man you date is not going to be a stranger anyway.
            Any way you look at it, naked women in the street and men who commit sex crimes are made for each other.

      • Dawn Conti

        you mean you hear voices in your head. which head. Not the one with the ears I guess.

  • 1Max_Wedge1

    Yoga pants=camel toe city!!!

  • Illuminatus66

    I’d offer more precise advice: women: you don’t actually need to wear these everywhere, everyday, all the time. It makes you look like an idiot

  • stephen mccarthy

    who cares? who!

  • nedmorlef

    the pants are lewd . there use to be laws against waving your goods in public. it has nothing to do with anything but, you wearing clothing that is respectful to all in presence where you are going. Believe it or not some men don’t want you sticking your goods in their faces. We have a right to not be shown your cracks and crevices in public.

  • lion300

    The one who wrote this is absolutely gay

    • Dawn Conti

      Or he is a decent person. Not you though. you are a pig.

  • Katie Marchman

    Um, these aren’t yoga pants. Yoga pants are loose fitting; they’re not made of spandex. These are really cheap stretch pants.

  • yesman

    yoga pants are the single greatest invention ..ever..nuff said.

  • 2015Done

    Sorry guys, I am with the author. . . .what ever happen to leave something to the imagination? I am not an XL. I am 59, female, go to the gym 4 x a week for strength training, and the other days I walk or run, I have a six-pack, and biceps that put some guys to shame. I see little girls who come into the gym, and men all ages who can barely do their work out because in their minds they are having sex with the girl who bares it all. I understand that guys are visual, but young girls do not. . . .and society portrays this is what they have to do. It is very sad to me that they are giving themselves “away” so easily.

  • Dawn Conti

    My grandmother used to say”” If it is not for sale, then don`t advertize it””
    Right or wrong, Men are going to look.