Yes, I'm Addicted to Blogspot

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I have drawn this conclusion here in the past hour or so. Apparently, I’m addicted to Blogspot. Not sure why Blogspot has been unavailable this morning, (I hope they aren’t having another security issue) but I was completely unaware of the extent to which I rely on Blogspot.

As you might imagine, I subscribe to lots and lots of RSS feeds. I don’t typically pay all that much attention where they ‘live’. That is until a bunch of them don’t work. It’s really quite frustrating. I’m in my RSS reader, I get the summary, think ‘cool’ -click- wait, wait, wait (something I’ve never been fond of) then… nothing. The first one or two, not a big deal, but then it happened again and again….

It’s making me crazy. No official Google blog, no Google Video blog, No Inside AdSense… nothing – and those are just a few of the Google ones. Yes, it’s true I have tons of other blogs and feeds to click, (and I do) but I am inexplicably drawn to the broken ones now. “This is Google’s stuff’ I’ll say – click -. “Surely it’ll just be a few minutes” -click-.

By the way, I’ve also decided that MS should rename the ‘refresh’ button in IE. There’s absolutley nothing refreshing about it whatsoever.

Yes, I'm Addicted to Blogspot
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  • DesignGuru

    i felt exactly the same way yesterday… gotta have my inside google fix.

    it’s funny to see the big guys suffer through the same technical difficulties as us lower guys do… LOL.

  • Jordan K.

    I know what you mean. Blogspot totally rocks! I’ve got a fever and the only cure is BlogSpot 😉

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