Yelp Releases A Blackberry App

    August 21, 2009

Yelp users, with a Blackberry, can rejoice today as the Blackberry Yelp app has finally been released. To download the app you simply need to visit from your Blackberry, and you’ll see the download link.

The Blackberry Yelp app

Below is a snippet from the Yelp blog post which discusses some of the features:

"The Blackberry Yelp app uses location-aware technology to determine your current location and then lets you search for nearby businesses, read reviews and access a moveable Bing map that enables you to easily zoom in/out on a location and redefine your search based on that geographic area. And yes, the Blackberry Yelp app works in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland or in other words, everywhere Yelp is available!"

Yelp already has an iPhone app, now with this new Blackberry app how long until we can anticipate an Android app? I guess only time will tell.

Will you be downloading this new app?
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Update: Direct link for the app download.