Yelp Branches Out With UK Site

    January 8, 2009

People who are careful with their time and money and either live in or have a fondness for the UK should be pleased.  Yelp, the site famous for offering tons of user-generated reviews, has launched a version catering to this region.

Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp’s co-founder and CEO, explained in a statement, "London is the heart of the English-speaking world and one of the world’s great cities, and we have always intended have a UK presence.  For the past three years, Londoners have been asking us to bring Yelp to the UK and we’re excited to have finally taken this step.  We are committed to making Yelp London as vibrant and useful as Yelp in San Francisco or New York."

Yelp UK

So again, good for selective individuals with ties to the UK.  Good for Yelp, too, of course; this development comes following the August launch of Yelp Canada, so the brand really seems to be catching on.  And maybe, just maybe, good for social media and advertising-supported sites in general.

For a company without pockets like Google’s or Microsoft’s to expand right now is rather impressive.  It speaks to a certain amount of confidence in the world economy.  Or the online ad industry.  Or, less encouragingly, its private backers, at least.

Yelp UK seems to be off to a strong start, anyway, with the three most recent reviews (at this moment) all having been posted in the last five minutes.