Yaron Adler Out At IncrediMail

    February 6, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

The CEO of the web-based email company has been replaced by his brother, chief product officer and co-founder Ofer Adler, a few weeks after the company ran afoul of Google’s AdSense policies.

In mid-January, IncrediMail suffered a shock to its revenue stream. Google deemed the company in violation of its AdSense terms, and stopped delivering advertising to IncrediMail’s pages.

Ten days later, IncrediMail got its AdSense and search ads back. The company issued a statement saying they were working on “resolving any remaining compliance issues, if any.”

We heard from Yaron Adler’s representative after that, offering an interview. The rep first agreed to, then rejected, our request to discuss the Google situation in detail. With the main topic out of bounds, we declined the chat.

Little did we know that Seeking Alpha would reveal Yaron Adler’s departure from the CEO job. Aaron Katsman cited this statement from the chair of IncrediMail’s board, Tami Gottlieb:

We are grateful to Yaron for his vision, leadership, enthusiasm and determination, bringing together with Ofer the Company so far. We accept Yaron