YAPC: Europe Website Online

    May 16, 2006

The website of the Yet Another Perl Conference: Europe (YAPC) is now up and running, according to the event’s organizers.

An exact date for the conference has not yet been set, although it should take place in late summer or early autumn. This seventh recurrence of the annual event will be held in Birmingham, England.

According to an official announcement, “the site will be updated with newsletters, articles, and news over the coming months.”

It provides information about the conference, and details about Birmingham itself, in the event any conference attendees should want to wander away for a bit. Among the site’s current top headlines is the theme for this year’s conference: “The Accessibility of Perl.”

The official wiki of the conference has also been launched.

Individuals will have to register to access that site, a decision the organizers made “due to the amount of wiki spam that has plagued other wikis.”

But registered users should have fairly free range: “there are a couple of pages only admins can edit, but pretty much everything else you’ll have access to.”

YAPC owes its existence to Perl Mongers Perl user groups, which began the tradition by holding smaller meetings in the Eastern U.S.

It has branched from there into a series of conferences held all over the world with the goal of uniting the Perl community. There are four YAPCs at present: YAPC: NA, YAPC: Europe, YAPC: Asia, and YAPC: Brazil.

The up-in-the-air date of the upcoming Europe conference is apparently drawing the ire of some would-be attendees, but the organizers still will not (or cannot) provide one.

Beyond the late summer/early fall estimation, they “don’t want to get any more specific in case people start ordering airplane tickets and booking hotels, and we have to alter the date due to unforeseen circumstances.”

The YAPC: Europe website, as interesting and useful as it would be otherwise, will be especially important to finding out when organizers actually intend to hold the event.

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