Yale Gunman Was Probably A Hoax, Police Say

    November 26, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Students and faculty at Yale University were put on lockdown for nearly six hours on Monday while police searched for a gunman who was supposedly on the loose on campus, but now authorities say it was likely a hoax, and they want answers.

A SWAT team and members of the ATF were present during the search, and several streets were shut down in an effort to aid authorities after someone called police saying their roommate was armed and was on his way to campus. Several calls came in after the lockdown alert went out as frightened students saw what they believed to be a gunman, but authorities say it was likely they just saw officers in plain clothes.

“Though it is starting to tilt in the direction of an innocent mistake, it started with a purposeful and malicious call,” New Haven Police Chief Dean Esserman said. “The Yale police made the right call. They went to immediate lockdown to keep everybody safe.”

Police say the initial call was made from a pay phone about a mile away from campus, but they don’t believe the caller was a student. The warning was brief and non-specific, and authorities say they will track down the person responsible, though it’s not clear what charges he may face.

Esserman says the campus is completely safe and that no one was injured during the lockdown yesterday.

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  • Ted

    Everything is fake in the US. It is all designed to take away guns. You would have to be a fool to think otherwise. With what is going on in America today, the only thing stopping tyranny is the fact that the populace is well armed.

  • Ted

    Shh…. don’t tell Americans that. They want to live in their illusions. After all, they are the ones who still believe Oswald killed Kennedy. Even though:

    The parade route changed at the last moment to facilitate the kill zone shot.
    The Secret Service was told to stand down.
    Oswald bought an old gun through a PO box but could have bought a better untraceable gun with cash – legally.
    The gun had a broken scope.
    Oswald was a below average marksman.
    Three shots occurred in just 5.6 seconds.
    One magic bullet went through two bodies.
    The bullet did so by defying the laws of physics and changed direction in mid-air.
    The bullet caused seven wounds and struck three bones, which is impossible.
    The bullet miraculously fell out of Connaly’s body at the hospital.
    The bullet was undamaged in near perfect condition only showing signs of having been fired.
    The limo was refurbished immediately after the incident, thus destroying evidence.
    Oswald was then arrested just 88 minutes after the shooting for not paying for a movie ticket.
    It is ridiculous to think the President was killed but Dallas police sent 8 squad cars and 17 officers to arrest a movie ticket thief.
    Oswald says that he is a patsy.
    Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby, which was blatantly done to stop him from talking.
    Witnesses started dying off left and right.

    There are 110 material witnesses who died unnaturally or suspiciously. Some researchers claim there were many more. In this group, 76 deaths were unnatural: 46 were homicides, 22 accidental and 8 suicides. The rest were a combination of suspicious heart attacks, sudden cancers and unknown causes.

    Shhh. Shhh. Americans don’t want to know the truth. The government knows this too. That is why they get away with everything.