Yahoo’s Sue Decker Gets Impressive Pay Raise

    December 4, 2007

It’s only natural that a pay bump would accompany a promotion.  The bump looks more like a boulder in the case of Sue Decker, however, who will get paid $815,000 instead of her previous $500,000.

So the difference between Yahoo’s chief financial officer and its president is $315,000, apparently, or 63 percent of that CFO’s salary.  What’s more, Elinor Mills reports that “Decker has been granted a stock option to purchase 300,000 shares at an exercise price of $26.20 each and 200,000 shares of restricted stock units.”

Yahoo's Sue Decker Gets Impressive Pay Raise

Finally, “Her annual target cash bonus will be 150 percent of her base salary, or $1.2 million, but her actual bonus for any year will be determined based on her job performance.”

Of course, considering how Yahoo’s done lately, that bonus is hardly a sure thing.  And there are bound to be examples of execs at other companies making far more money.  Still, the story is turning heads, and is at least interesting as a straightforward bit of news.

Meanwhile, Yahoo’s stock is down $.19 (or just .71 percent) for the day.