Yahoo's CTO Gives Eight-Week Notice


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Believe it or not, another very important Yahoo exec has decided to leave the company.  Ari Balogh, who serves as Yahoo's chief technology officer and executive vice president of products, has announced that June 3rd will be his last day.

Obviously, this represents a blow to Yahoo in many ways.  Balogh is just one of 11 people Yahoo considers to be part of its top management team, and the man has an impressive past, considering that he holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University and spent some time at VeriSign.

To make matters worse, Yahoo hasn't officially found a replacement for Balogh yet.

Things aren't as bad as they might appear, though.  For starters, Balogh's claim that he's leaving Yahoo for personal reasons actually rings true; Kara Swisher's reported that he'll in fact be moving his family to Greece this summer.  So this isn't a case of a high-ranking insider abandoning ship.

Also, even if nothing's been decided for sure, rumor has it that former Microsoft exec Blake Irving will replace Balogh, perhaps giving Yahoo some special insights about its new partner.

Balogh's promised to help with whatever sort of transition takes place, anyway, and Yahoo's wished him well in an official statement.