Yahoo's bylaw shift may prompt chair-throwing

    March 6, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

By upsetting Microsoft’s plans to force a fight for Yahoo’s board to a later date, Yahoo could have pushed Microsoft to act even more aggressively.

Admit it, everyone. Even though accounts of Steve Ballmer’s chair-tossing prowess have been disputed by the CEO himself,  you want to believe he could go all Final Fantast Limit Break on some unfortunate underling while wielding an Aeron.

Those happy days could be here again. Valleywag dug up an account of Ballmer’s reaction to the ploy by Yahoo to buy themselves more time. The New York Post delivered the kind of joyous anonymous quotes that bloggers love. What did Microsoft’s CEO think of Yahoo shifting the date for nominating people to its board:

“Ballmer is just one of many highly emotional people involved in this,” said a source who has spoken with executives at both companies. “Microsoft has been trying to avoid going completely hostile, but now it is going to get completely hostile.”

In response, Ballmer and company may put up enough money to get the deal back to its original $44.6 billion offer by making it an all-cash deal:

Sources also said that Microsoft is considering changing its offer to 100 percent cash as a way to further entice Yahoo! shareholders and pressure its board, and is actively trying to convince Japan’s Softbank, which owns 3 percent of Yahoo! and about 40 percent of Yahoo! Japan, to come out in favor of its offer.

Warm up the chairs and let the cleaning crew know there’s going to be overtime available soon.