Yahoo, Zillow Peek Into Homes

    July 19, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Instead of wondering just how much the neighbors paid for the house across the street, Yahoo provides an easier way to search for home values with the help of Zillow.

A partnership between Zillow and Yahoo Search has enabled the creation of a new Yahoo Shortcut called Home Values. Entering home values into Yahoo Search brings up the Home Values and Comparables on Yahoo! Real Estate shortcut box, according to the Yahoo Search blog.

Zillow debuted early in 2006, with about 67 million homes in its database. Expedia founder Richard Barton and other associates created the online real estate estimator, or Zestimator in Zillow-speak.

They believe that Zillow is accurate to within about 7 percent of the actual price of a home. To aid searchers, the company recently implemented a Bird’s Eye view of properties in some cities. If that sounds familiar to you, it’s because Bird’s Eye is an option available to users of Windows Live Local.

Once a property has been found through the Home Values shortcut on Yahoo, the visitor can view the home’s estimated value, along with estimates on ten comparable homes in the same area. Yahoo also noted how some of its other features will be linked to the Zillow details:

We’re using Yahoo! Maps which provides satellite imagery in case you want to see what the neighborhood looks like. And we also provide a graph to show historical price trends and a link to Yahoo! Answers so you can ask questions on real estate and home values.

For those in the very, very, very, very high-end market looking for 95 acres of breathing room and a home bigger than the White House, Zillow has just the place for you. At 56,000 square feet, it’s a bargain at $135 million. That price would make it the most expensive home in US history, and probably make the broker handling the deal the happiest person ever to cash a commission check.

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