Yahoo vs. DMOZ – Directory Battle!

    October 12, 2004

Where, why and for whom do web directories exist? Some of the hottest debates about web search revolve around criticisms of both the Yahoo! Directory and DMOZ ODP (Open Directory Project). Often these are general level complaints, to wit – link rot, inappropriate placement, difficulty in getting considered for a listing, their inability to keep pace with the growth of the web, lack of direct communication, just to name a few.

Do Yahoo and DMOZ directories provide you with what is needed as a webmaster? Is one better than the other? Much like Yahoo, being included in DMOZ gives your website added bonus points with the major search engines. Meaning better your description and category placement in either directory, the more points your site receives in search query placement in Yahoo! Search or PR (page rank) in Google Search.

In my (humble) opinion, I view Yahoo! Directory to be slightly superior. Yahoo! Directory now has a unique business-to-business directory, whereas DMOZ does not. Yahoo! Directory is easier to navigate & if all else fails you can pay for inclusion, whereas with DMOZ ODP, the destiny of your site placement is left up to the whim of faceless editors.

Both the DMOZ and Yahoo! directories serve a distinct purpose for webmasters in search engine query placement & PR – both directories do have their own distinct problems. Make no mistake, the directory concept for locating web resources is dead. Today, people predominately use search engines as the preferred method of web travel. This provides credibility to the school of thought that the web directory is merely a SEO tool for the Internet website publisher.

Your thoughts and opinions are most welcome.

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