Yahoo Upgrades Image Search Preview Panes

    April 3, 2009

Well, Yahoo’s as good as its word.  Two weeks ago, the company showed off some image search improvements and promised more were on the way.  Now it’s announced a thorough overhaul of its image search preview page.

The old Yahoo Image Search would, like Google’s counterpart, just show a thumbnail image and some name and size statistics in its preview pane.  If you weren’t happy with a pic, you’d need to follow the "back" button to the main results page.

The new Yahoo Image Search is better.  As a post on the Yahoo Search Blog explained, there’s "[a] search box with search assistance to let you quickly and easily search for more images."  Then, there are "[m]ore image search results" and "[s]uggestions based on queries from other users making similar searches."

Yahoo Image Preview

All against a gray background rather than boring white, too, as you can see in a Yahoo-provided sample picture.

Don’t look for these tweaks to result in the fall of Google, of course; the quality of a company’s image preview pane is perhaps not the first thing the average searcher considers when thinking about what site to visit.  Still, Yahoo’s gotten an edge over Google in this area, and that seems worth noting.