Yahoo Updates Their Index

    November 2, 2005

Yahoo announced last night on the search blog a minor update in the ranking of their index. This means some may want to check out their Yahoo results to see if they need to make any modifications in their search tactics.

Tim Mayer, of the search division posted the entry and said the update would be “mild and quick compared to recent ones.” He did say it would impact the ranking of some sites though.

The post went up late yesterday evening and the update took place last night. Yahoo opened up their blog for comments and most seemed happy some warning was given before the update instead of leaving people guessing.

One issue some noticed was a number of seemingly forgotten blogs got new life breathed into them and in the process it brought back a number of spam blogs. One poster, Evelyn, said,” Yep – and all the blog spammers jumped up with them. On the first page of a very competitive term 8 of the first 10 results are all blog spammers…..”

Updates are a fact of life in the tech industry and sometimes hiccups happen that cause people to run into problems. One thing Yahoo did do is list an email address in case any problems should arise: One could also check out their blog for further information.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.