Yahoo Unveils Political Dashboard

For keeping tabs on the Presidential yahoos.

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Yahoo News teamed up with Yahoo Buzz to come up with a Political Dashboard for anybody interested in following the traveling circus, er, race to the White House.

In addition to the latest polls, the dashboard also tracks current search buzz for each candidate as Yahoo users look for more information. It also keeps track of how much money each candidate has raised.

But what’s also neat about it, aside from the slick look of the thing and the demographic breakdowns, is that users can break down results by state. For example, if you know that Kentucky has a long tradition of voting for the candidate that eventually wins, you might pay extra attention to who’s leading in that state, at least according to search buzz.

Currently, it’s Barack Obama piquing Kentucky searcher interest, as well as Ron Paul, by an overwhelming majority (74%) on the Republican side.

On a national scale, though, when you include polls, searches, the prediction market, and money raised, it’s a much different picture, with the old standby political powerhouses like Clinton and Giuliani in the lead overall. 

Yahoo Unveils Political Dashboard
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  • http://paul4prez.blogspot.com Doug

    The dashboard is cool, but their “money raised” for Ron Paul is way out of date. He had $8 million at the end of September, but has raised $18 million more since then. It’s a travesty that he’s not considered a “leader” just because of the polls.

  • Guest

    Give us some background , please.
    If Ron Paul is 74%, that will make my day!

    • Jason Lee Miller

      the 74% represented searcher buzz, as in, on Yahoo’s search engine, 74% of searches in KY for political candidates were for Ron Paul

  • Guest

    Dont listen to there lies. Yahoo is in on it to.  End corporate america and save our children from these as* holes.   Its time americans take our country back.. VOTE RON PAUL!

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