Yahoo Unveils New Mail Enhancements

    November 15, 2004

Recently Yahoo unveiled some new features for their email service, Yahoo Mail. Some of the new features include improved search, Address AutoComplete, and full implementation of DomainKeys.

In the Yahoo search blog Brad Garlinghouse stated “As of today, you can perform deeper searches of all the e-mail you’ve archived on Yahoo! Mail. This is especially important now that anyone can keep up to 250mb of e-mail on Yahoo! Mail. You can search specific message headers, the full message bodies, within specific folders, and so on. You’ll find that searching the Web from your Yahoo! Mail inbox is easier too. How many times has something you read in your e-mail caused you to go search the Web?”

Yahoo has also begun using DomainKeys to sign all outbound messages. DomainKeys authenticates the actual origin of email messages; this could help prevent spoofing attacks and identity theft.

Another tool that Yahoo added was the AutoComplete feature, integrating Oddpost technology. This allows Yahoo Mail to automatically find addresses as they are being typed into the desired area. They promise “his feature is really just the tip of the iceberg with regards to how we’re integrating the Oddpost technology”. Yahoo acquired Oddpost last July.

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Jeremy Muncy is a staff writer for