Yahoo Unearths Site Explorer Updates

    August 8, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Webmaster fans of Yahoo’s Site Explorer will enjoy the service’s biggest update since December 2005, as Yahoo responds to feedback and requests.

Yahoo followed up yesterday’s Search Builder announcement with a massive update to Site Explorer.

The service has been organized around sites that webmasters want to track. A logged-in user submits a site to Site Explorer, and goes through the authentication process for the site. Once authenticated, Site Explorer users can see extra information about their web sites, and monitor feeds they have published.

Site Explorer will show more information Yahoo has collected, like the last crawl date and the subdomains the crawler has found. They have also made the feed submission smoother, and now permit webmasters to submit RSS, Atom, and URL lists.

Importantly, Yahoo has the UpdateNotification Web Service available. It is part of the Site Explorer API suite in the Yahoo! Developer Network. The UpdateNotification service gives webmasters a quick way to notify Yahoo of site or feed updates.

Yahoo makes a couple of other web services available for Site Explorer. The Page Data service lets webmasters retrieve information “about the subpages in a domain or beneath a path that exists within the Yahoo! Index.”

There is also an Inlink Data service, for retrieving “information about the pages linking to a particular page or pages within a domain.”

Our readers who are enjoying SES 2006 in San Jose will likely want to take a closer look at Site Explorer and its new features after they return home from the conference. It will offer a nice starting point to begin implementing all that new knowledge with their Yahoo campaigns and strategies.


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