Yahoo To Discontinue Direct Media Exchange Platform

    December 1, 2009

Yahoo completed its acquisition of Right Media – which cost it about $650 million – two and a half years ago.  Now, it seems that the arrangement’s been revisited, as Yahoo’s announced that it will discontinue the Direct Media Exchange (DMX) platform.

Under Carol Bartz’s leadership, Yahoo’s cut a lot of products and services in recent months so that it could better focus on more important stuff.  Briefcase, Farechase, GeoCities, and Go are some of the fallen that quickly come to mind.

This development follows the same logic.  According to what’s been labeled a "DMX End of Life FAQ," "We are doing this because of market trends that have helped to inform our evolved strategy of becoming a premium supply and demand platform focused on being transparent, differentiated and interoperable."

As a result, the DMX platform will stop serving ads at the end of January.  Then, on March 1st, reports will become inaccessible.  And Yahoo declined to recommend any alternatives to the DMX platform, in case you’re curious.

The biggest question remaining might just be what’s next on Yahoo’s list of decisions to rethink.

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