Yahoo To Cut Musicmatch Jukebox’s Cord

    July 10, 2007

On Monday, I wrote an article noting the demise of both Yahoo Photos and Yahoo Bill Pay.  Little did I know the follow-up would come so soon; users of Musicmatch Jukebox have been told they’ll need to switch to Yahoo Music Jukebox.

Photos and Bill Pay appear ready to die quiet deaths, but this is not the case with Yahoo’s latest cut.  In reference to Musicmatch, “BanjoBob” writes on Slashdot, “There was nothing not to like about the product.  There is nothing to like about the new downgrade, Yahoo! Music Jukebox.  MusicMatch users have been getting notices to ‘upgrade’; those who have taken the bait are not pleased.”

A link then leads to the Yahoo Music Jukebox and Yahoo Music Unlimited Feedback forum, where there is long thread calling for a “CLASS ACTION SUITE!!!!!!!!!!” (among the 168 replies, more than a few have pointed out that it should be “suit”).  A sort of runner-up thread still contains 37 replies, and is titled, “‘unable to play media (unresponsive)’ error on Play.”

It’ll be interesting to see if the outcry has any effect on Yahoo’s plans, though that seems unlikely.  Still, while cutting back on products and services can be smart – unused ones are wasteful – trimming away at popular ones could alienate users.  Considering Yahoo’s position in respect to Google, that doesn’t seem like a wise tactic.