Yahoo To Cut Musicmatch Jukebox’s Cord

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On Monday, I wrote an article noting the demise of both Yahoo Photos and Yahoo Bill Pay.  Little did I know the follow-up would come so soon; users of Musicmatch Jukebox have been told they’ll need to switch to Yahoo Music Jukebox.

Photos and Bill Pay appear ready to die quiet deaths, but this is not the case with Yahoo’s latest cut.  In reference to Musicmatch, “BanjoBob” writes on Slashdot, “There was nothing not to like about the product.  There is nothing to like about the new downgrade, Yahoo! Music Jukebox.  MusicMatch users have been getting notices to ‘upgrade’; those who have taken the bait are not pleased.”

A link then leads to the Yahoo Music Jukebox and Yahoo Music Unlimited Feedback forum, where there is long thread calling for a “CLASS ACTION SUITE!!!!!!!!!!” (among the 168 replies, more than a few have pointed out that it should be “suit”).  A sort of runner-up thread still contains 37 replies, and is titled, “‘unable to play media (unresponsive)’ error on Play.”

It’ll be interesting to see if the outcry has any effect on Yahoo’s plans, though that seems unlikely.  Still, while cutting back on products and services can be smart – unused ones are wasteful – trimming away at popular ones could alienate users.  Considering Yahoo’s position in respect to Google, that doesn’t seem like a wise tactic.

Yahoo To Cut Musicmatch Jukebox’s Cord
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  • Joost

    I feel totally conned by Yahoo. They do not fulfill their promise of including all the Musicmatch features and”More”. I I would live in the US, I would join court action for broken promises.

  • LuChaos

    Yahoo had better do something about this. When I purchased Musicmatch Jukebox (MMJB) 2 years ago I had a choice of many other players. It wasn’t the streaming service I was interested in. I have satellite radio for that. I didn’t want to buy 99 cent songs from them. I have 100’s of CD’s I uploaded onto my computer. I chose MMJB Because of its features and sound quality.
    First, the sound. The new player is inferior to even the stock players that came pre-installed with my OS such as Windows Media Player. The new Yahoo player has only a 5-band Graphic equalizer and presets that only a deaf person can call satisfactory. It’s like new radios or bookshelf systems that have these same kind of presets to simplify use for “technically challenged” types. I avoid systems such as these and buy high end equipment so that I may tune my music as I see fit. The sound of the Yahoo player is terrible!
    Another feature I liked about the MMJB was the ability to tag my music folders. I could have a CD that was unrecognized and select it from a list and have MMJB title the folder accordingly. This would have come in handy when my hard drive died recently and I had to extract the my music files in no order, (and renamed as recovered file 1 through 8000) from the damaged HD. When I went to reinstall MMJB I was forced to install Yahoo Jukebox instead. Do you think this player can tag and resort my files for me? No. Worthless, non-existent sorting and naming ability.
    The third gripe about this this player is It’s appearance. I have my computer slick, streamlined, black skins for everything, and most importantly, just the way I like it. MMJB had a choice of skins. I preferred the Black pearl skin which was a feature of the plus version. When I loaded Yahoo Jukebox, it was an ugly silver color with buttons and icons similar to a Fischer-Price play toy with smooth rounded edges so that junior doesn’t get cut playing with it. I went to change the skin after I had successfully entered my plus code through the migration assistant and to my surprise, that was the only skin available.
    All in all this is a terrible player and anyone who calls the upgrade to Yahoo Jukebox from MMJB a downgrade is correct. Keep those nicknames for it coming such as “Yahoo Jokebox”, and “Yahoo Junkbox.” If they bought the business and the rights, why can’t they give us the same great player instead of this stripped down pile of 90’s technology.

    • Phil

      Even though this post is already over a year old, I am still in complete argreement with the poster.  I had hoped by now that Yahoo! would wise up and release a new version of their Yahoo! Music Jukebox that gave heed to user suggestions and complaints and incorporated the elements of MusicMatch Jukebox that made it such a useful tool for ripping and organizin music libraries.

      It seems that not only is Yahoo! not going to do this, but they’re even bailing on a few of their own player’s elements like online music, and handing it off to Rhapsody music servers.  I continue to use a version of MusicMatch 10, but with the old servers cut off, CD lookup, reskinning, and other features are now completely defunct.  The only reasons I still use it are for its organization abilities with the Super Tagging feature and mp3PRO format for ripping CD tracks (which utilizes a compression rate of 96 kbps rather than the standard 128 kbps, but still sounds as good through most any player).

      Honestly, if Yahoo! could have retained these features in its player, I wouldn’t have had a problem keeping it on my machine after the "upgrade" from MusicMatch Jukebox.  There’s always hope for the future, though.  Maybe one day a comparable music program will be released by Yahoo! or another company.  ‘Till then, it’s always going to be MusicMatch first for ripping and organizing my music collection.

  • http://www.kruegerphoto.com Dave Krueger

    Yes, I said robbed.  I had Musicmatch for years.  I can’t migrate to Yahoo because I don’t have SP2 on my computer (and don’t plan to load it).  So, now I cannot play ANY of the hundreds of dollars of music I already purchased because musicmatch is not there to renew the licenses.  I also lost all the credit I had on my account.  I made the mistake of encouraging family members to give my Musicmatch gift certificates instead of other gifts.

    Yahoo’s response?  Well, there is no response.  They have not replied to my inquiries or those of anyone else with the same problem from what I can gather.  The Mafia has higher ethical standards.

    The crux of the matter is that by buying into a scam like Yahoo Music you are making yourself a slave to their will, basically giving them the power to forever withhold access to the music you’ve already paid for if you don’t comply with their whim of the moment, whether it be to load new software onto your computer or jump through some other hoop.  A number of people are complaining that their computers won’t even play music from CDs that they bought at a store anymore.

    I can’t think of a more effective way for the music industry to make heros out of hackers and bootleggers than to shaft the millions of loyal customers who really made the effort to comply with the industry’s demanding terms.  If you want to get close to Yahoo, be sure you make them wear a condom.

    • Dayraven

      Dear Dave,


      Sorry to hear about your dilema.  As a fellow music lover and mmjb user, I have had similar issues trying to play my musicmatch purchased songs on the mmjb 10.1 player.  It seems the ‘lifetime’ subscription keys were nothing more than a clever ruse to cheat paying musicmatch customers  out of a media player that sounded great, offered insightful features, and labeling capability but  that was ultimately destined to get gobbled up by the yo-yos at Yahoo.  Score one for the music executives and crooks…

      Here is a method that I used to reclaim my musicmatch licensed (purchased) tracks.  1st- Locate the folder containing your purchased musicmatch songs usually located in C:\ Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\My Music\Music Match Purchases.  Using a USB storage device or other transferable media  (CD-R DVD-R ect) copy the files onto the storage device. 


      Next, using a friends computer or another computer of yours running SP2 or windows vista (I used my laptop), download the new Yahoo-Musicmatch player online.  Once the program is downloaded and installed, your orignal plus musicmatch key should activate the plus features in the Yahoo MM Player.  Paste the copied musicmatch folder (with all your purchased mmjb files) onto the desktop.  Load the music folder onto the Yahoo MM player much in the same way you would do so using MMJB ver 8,9, 10 ect.  You should now be able to play the entire licensed track but more importantly BURN THE MUSIC TO A CD. 

      Finally,  burn all of your albums/songs onto CDs, effectively stripping the license lock and making it possible now to be re-burned back onto your original computer and played with WIndows Media Player, Quicktime, or MMJB (the best player in my opinion).  Granted you may have to re-enter some tag info, but at least now you and your family can get the music back!  Happy Listening!



      PS If a secondary computer is not available to you, an alternative solution maybe to create a system resotre point on your computer, install SP2, and then follow the rest of the steps outlined above.  Afterwards, simply use system restore to undo ServicePack 2 changes.


  • Carolyn Bellamy

    I feel as if I have been ripped off.  I do not like the Yahoo Jukebox.  After paying for lifetime upgrade on Musicmatch, yahoo wants us to again pay for this one.  They really should honor the Musicmatch obligations.

    • Earl Worthy

      I to had a great musicmatch juke box plus. But I was told that I had to upgrade to BS yahoo music. I dont like it and want use it. It sucks. I could find any song in the library in a second or two. Yahoo is not in a certain order. I want my musicmatch back. Where does one go to complain to yahoo. or musicmatch

  • Red Man

    I have MMJB–Yahoo has taken over–when I try to burn a CD it tells me my " burns are used up..to get Yahoo " I don’t want to buy music only to make CD disks from music on my MMJB..ANY HELP OUT THERE ?

    • maurice

      can you help me

  • Ginny

    I WANT MY MUSICMATCH BACK.. !!!!!  I kept my version 10 mm and didn’t bite on the yahoo BS.  I like eye candy… and there are a few mm skins online that I purchased today but…… even tho I’ve downloaded them and extracted them\, along with making sure they are in the skins folder orf mm jukebox… they do not appear in my drop down selection box when I try to switch skins.   Now this is really pizzz’n me off siince I paid for the skins but not they don’t appear in the selection box of mm view.  anyone help??? I think we (someone) should bsn together to see what it would take to get musicmatch back???? or a similar product… "musicrematch" maybe… :-)   thanks Ginny … Feel free to contact me by email if anyone has a resolve to my skins issue.  

    • Terry Tanner

      I’m looking for some of the original skins that came out for MMJB 9.0and would like to know if anyone has them.

  • Gilbert

    I`m also a big fan of MusicMatch. It`s been my favorite since their version 6. I was also suprised to learn that it was not available anymore. I don`t think that Yahoo will do anything about this situation. Like many others they are in a race against iTunes, iPods and iPhone. But there is another product available for FREE. Really, it`s a freeware and it`s called Media Monkey. I tried it out and it does the job pretty well. I know it`s not MusicMatch but for those who feel dupped by Yahoo it`s a respectable alternative…

  • wdwilkie

    just recentky found this page purchased mmjb quite a few years ago plus lifetime upgrades then along came yoohoo must switch or be cut off could not get satis faction so quit. scanning the web lo and behold mmjb 10 what happened did yoohoo give up and return control back to mm, or what


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