Yahoo! Time Capsule Detours To New Mexico

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When the cops bust in, it’s time for a new place to party. College lessons weren’t lost on Yahoo! when the Mexican government put the kibosh on its alien news feed, codenamed Yahoo! Time Capsule. What’s almost as good as Mexico? How about New Mexico?

A couple of weeks ago, Yahoo! was so excited about the idea of projecting the contents of a digital time capsule onto the side of the Pyramid of the Sun, and subsequently sending the information via light beam into space from the top of it, they forgot to ask Mexico if it was okay with them.

It wasn’t okay with them, and Yahoo! was issued a noise violation. If you can’t party abroad, then party at a place that’s sort of abroad. The Jemez Pueblo (pueblo, fellow anglophiles, means “village.”) in north-central New Mexico was chosen at the new give-the-aliens-too-much-info-about-us spot.

Jemez (pronounced hey-mess) is a sovereign, independent nation of about 3,400 Pueblo Native American tribal descendents, considered to be one of the oldest communities in the world, with original migration dating back to the 13th Century.

Yahoo! says it will project the capsule onto canyon walls that surround the ancient village throughout the evenings of October 25-27 “to chronicle humanity across the globe.”

“In just a few short weeks, thousands of people around the world have uploaded memories and ideas they want to preserve, creating an important anthropological collection that documents this moment in time,” said Jerry Yang, co-founder and Chief Yahoo!.

“Submissions range from the intensely personal to greetings for alien life forms, including almost anything you could imagine. This project is a fascinating example of social media at its finest, highlighting the culture of generosity that exists and proliferates on the web today.”

Yahoo! will host a webcast of the event as it occurs, and is even hosting “a parallel three-dimensional event in Second Life. The company says there will be an entire collaborative segment in the time capsule submitted from Second Life chronicling what it is like when families stage interventions during peak hours. Plus, they stole the Ho Hos.

Submissions for the time capsule will be taken until November 8th and saved onto a permanent digital archive. (That means if you don’t want to be embarrassed by nudie shots in 2020 when they crack this thing open again, keep your shirt on.) Copies will be donated to the Smithsonian Folkways Recording Archives.

Yahoo! is donating a total of $100,000 to seven global charities, ratios decided by submitters, including the World Wildlife Fund, International Rescue Committee, Grameen Foundation, UNICEF, One.org, Seeds of Peace and the International Child Art Foundation.


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Yahoo! Time Capsule Detours To New Mexico
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