Yahoo, Telefonica Team Up

    October 1, 2007

Telefonica has sponsorship ties to F1 racing, and for that reason, I’m inclined to like the company.  Its main interest is in telecommunications, however, and it’s due to this connection that Telefonica partnered with Yahoo.

The deal revolves around Yahoo oneSearch, which has a habit of undergoing huge growth spurts.  This new development won’t disappoint; oneSearch product should be made “the main search service on Telefonica’s mobile portals in 15 countries in Europe and Latin America, potentially reaching more than 100 million consumers worldwide,” according to a press release.

That’s impressive.  And Steve Boom, the senior vice president of Yahoo’s broadband and mobile division, later revealed in a Yodel Anecdotal blog post, “As of today, oneSearch is the priority search service for over 200 million mobile consumers through seven major mobile operators in nearly 30 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.  Our ultimate goal is to connect one billion mobile users worldwide, so you can count on more to come.”

In the meantime, Yahoo’s sitting pretty.  Telefonica also seems pleased about whatever benefits oneSearch may bring to its users.  There appears to be a bit of an imbalance in the relationship, though, so we should note that the deal’s financial details were not disclosed.  It also remains unclear how long the deal may last.

Finally, there’s no telling if Telefonica could draw Yahoo into F1.  But if oneSearch continues to spread so quickly, it’s almost inevitable that the two will meet at some point.