Yahoo Tags MyWeb With New Features

    June 6, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Social bookmarking has been the focus of the latest updates to Yahoo’s MyWeb service; also, the site shows off a new design look for its users.

Yahoo’s Search Blog noted the arrival of an updated MyWeb interface with extra features for its social bookmarking users.

“Perhaps the most significant shift in this release has less to do with any one feature, but is simply the realization that social bookmarking is catching on with people with very diverse passions and interests,” Tom Chi, MyWeb Product Lead, wrote in the entry.

Keeping up with those social bookmarkers has led to the addition of new features to the MyWeb service.

Additional information on those new features appeared on MyWeb’s blog page.

On MyWeb’s homepage, the top tags as used by members of the service can be viewed at the top of the page.

MyWeb also lists the Interesting Today links to sites that have been getting attention within the system.

Searching for tags through the Tag Finder can uncover which users have been applying particular tags to stories.

Mousing over the name of a user displays a small window that shows their avatar and provides links to view the person’s detail or add them as a contact.

The search feature now covers all public pages in the MyWeb system. Formerly, only the pages bookmarked by the user and his or her contacts could be searched.

The MyWeb Tools page now contains an export feature. One’s saved pages can be exported as a bookmarks file for use directly within a web browser.

Chi wrote that this feature had been requested by MyWeb users, and the MyWeb team has heard those requests.

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