Yahoo Surfers Spend More

    August 24, 2007

While Yahoo is considered the second busiest search engine behind Google, when it comes to online shopping, Yahoo surfers may be the biggest spenders online.

According to Wayne Perry, president of SiCap Industries, Yahoo surfers spend 30 percent more than other consumers on average.

"We haven’t figured out why, but our web stats show consumers referred by Yahoo definitely spend more money on our websites, and according to data collected from our retailers, yahoo surfers also spend more money in the stores that carry our products. This has been a consistent theme for nearly three years," says Perry.

SiCap Industries makes natural health products and distributes their products to around 10,000 stores globally. The company also runs an Internet business with a number of Web sites that sell natural health products.

"Brand building is a key element to having a successful product, and nowadays you can’t do it without the Internet. This is an Internet world now, and if you want to drive consumers into stores to buy your products you have to build an Internet presence," said Perry.

 "You also have to get bang for your buck, and that means finding the customers who spend more and also the ones that act more. As we plan our Internet budget for 2008, we’re shuffling more of a focus toward yahoo surfers since they spend more money online, and they tend to be more active in the real world such as actually shopping in stores."