Yahoo Strolls To Tribeca Film Festival

    April 25, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

If you can’t make it to Bobby D’s showcase event in lower Manhattan, Yahoo can bring some choice parts of it to your web browser.

Yahoo Strolls To Tribeca Film Festival
Yahoo Strolls To Tribeca Film Festival
Yahoo Strolls To Tribeca Film Festival

Robert DeNiro co-founded the Tribeca Film Festival shortly after the 9/11 attacks. Since its debut, Tribeca has attracted international attention and high-profile filmmakers along with plenty of cinema fans.

Not everyone can make a springtime trek to Tribeca. That’s less of a hurdle in our Internet connected age, as Yahoo has partnered with the Festival to deliver some of the experience at their Tribeca microsite.

Having a CEO who spent a lot of time in Hollywood probably helps Yahoo in joining up with Tribeca. Several Tribeca events will be co-sponsored by Yahoo, including the Tribeca Drive-In.

With the Festival starting tomorrow, Yahoo might want to go ahead and update the top center ‘In The Spotlight’ story on the microsite’s main page, which is currently the May 7, 2006 story about war-themed films taking top prizes at last year’s Tribeca. Oh, the page title also reads ‘Tribeca Film Festival 2006’. Someone might want to fix that.

Dated news notwithstanding, their Tribeca effort shows the company can pull off integrating their myriad social media pieces into a promotion like this. Yahoo’s Video, Answers, and Upcoming services are among the parts they have brought together for Tribeca. Yahoo Local offers maps and directions to the various Tribeca venues.

Look for short films, trailers, interviews, and other goodies on Yahoo’s Tribeca site as the Festival gets rolling on Thursday. There will also be opportunities for Yahoo users to share their thoughts and content on the Tribeca microsite too.

UPDATE! I just heard from a Yahoo spokesperson, and the Tribeca microsite has been updated with this year’s content.