Yahoo! Strikes Advertising Deal with ABCSearch

    November 12, 2007

Today, ABCSearch announced a deal with Yahoo! that will see Yahoo! sponsored search listings distributed across ABCSearch’s network of vertical search engines and directories.

ABCSearchThe new deal will provide Yahoo! advertisers with valuable access to targeted search markets across Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India through ABCSearch’s various search services.

 ABCSearch’s network reportedly generates 5 billion searches a month, with the niche nature of its verticals providing highly targeted pay-per-click advertising opportunities to Yahoo! Search Marketing advertisers.

"Aligning with Yahoo! Canada, Australia/New Zealand and India re-enforces our commitment to maintaining the highest quality of traffic that is most effective to advertisers." ABCSearch CEO Daniel Yomtobian stated in the release.

For Yahoo!, the new deal provides a welcome boost to the reach of its search advertising platform. With the never ending demand for more targeted traffic by advertisers.

…the new deal is an important play in Yahoo!’s attempts to combat Google’s search advertising dominance. It wont bridge the gap, but it will help provide a better service for current advertisers.