Yahoo Now Including Bing Results – Tips for Optimizing

By: Chris Crum - July 23, 2010

Yahoo has begun testing organic and paid search listings from Microsoft. Up to 25% of its search traffic in the U.S. may see organic listings from Microsoft, and up to 3.5% may see paid listings from Microsoft adCenter. I guess you could say that the early stages of the Search Alliance’s transition have begun.

Will you place more emphasis on Bing optimization as it integrates with Yahoo Search?
 Let us know.

"The primary change for these tests is that the listings are coming from Microsoft," says Yahoo’s VP of Search Product Operations, Kartik Ramakrishnan. "However, the overall page should look the same as the Yahoo! Search you’re used to – with rich content and unique tools and features from Yahoo!. If you happen to fall into our tests, you might also notice some differences in how we’re displaying select search results due to a variety of product configurations we are testing."

Yahoo provides the following example, in which the Microsoft-powered parts are represented by the boxes:

Yahoo Starts including Microsoft search results - paid and organic

As far as SEO is concerned, the Yahoo Search Marketing Team provides the following tips for organic search:

  1. Compare your organic search rankings on Yahoo! Search and Bing for the keywords that work best for you.
  2. Decide if you’d like to modify your paid search campaigns to compensate for any changes in organic referrals that you anticipate.
  3. Review the Bing webmaster tools and optimize your website for the Microsoft platform crawler, as Bing listings will be displayed for approximately 30% of search queries after this change, according to comScore.

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella also says that "now is a good time for you to review your crawl policies in your robots.txt and ensure that you have identical polices for the msnbot/Bingbot and Yahoo’s bots. Just to note, you should not see an increase in bingbot traffic as a result of the transition."

The Bingbot is designed to crawl non-optimized sties more easily. The new Bingbot will replace the existing msnbot in October. More on this here.

Also note that the new Bing Webmaster Tools experience is live. This has been completely redone with a  bunch of new features (and more features to come). Bing Webmaster Tools Senior Product Manager Anthony M. Garcia summarizes:

The redesigned Bing Webmaster Tools provide you a simplified, more intuitive experience focused on three key areas: crawl, index and traffic. New features, such as Index Explorer and Submit URLs, provide a more comprehensive view as well as better control over how Bing crawls and indexes your sites. Index Explorer gives you unprecedented access to browse through the Bing index in order to verify which of your directories and pages have been included. Submit URLs gives you the ability to signal which URLs Bing should add to the index. Other new features include: Crawl Issues to view details on redirects, malware, and exclusions encountered while crawling sites; and Block URLs to prevent specific URLs from appearing in Bing search engine results pages. In addition, the new tools take advantage of Microsoft Silverlight 4 to deliver rich charting functionality that will help you quickly analyze up to six months of crawling, indexing, and traffic data. That means more transparency and more control to help you make decisions, which optimize your sites for Bing.

WebProNews spoke with Janet Driscoll Miller of Search Mojo out at SMX a while back. She had presented on the topic of Bing SEO vs. Organic SEO. As she notes, some businesses actually see better results from Bing than they do from Google, and when Yahoo starts fully using Bing for search, Bing’s share of the search market is going to grow dramatically (it also powers search in Facebook, let’s not forget).

Yahoo will be integrating Microsoft’s mobile organic and paid listings in the U.S. and Canada in the coming months. The company anticipates that U.S. and Canada organic listings in both the desktop and mobile versions of its search will be fully powered by Microsoft as early as August or September. This of course depends on how the testing goes.

Yahoo and Microsoft have created new joint editorial guidelines for advertisers that will become effective in early August. These can be found here.

As we’ve discussed, Bing optimization is about to get more important, and now the time has come to really look at your Bing strategy if you’ve not already been doing so.

Are you prepared for the transition?
Comment here.

Chris Crum

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  • Guest

    Thanks for this Chris. I’m glad these two are being reported more!

  • seohongkong

    I seldom use Bing.

    I think Google and Yahoo are more than enough.

  • TopSavings.Net

    I think if businesses don’t try to rank in all three engines well, they are loosing a lot of opportunities. I have a feeling that Bing may be appealing more and more to the younger demographic, in the long run, the future of e-commerce transactions.

  • ScienceLives

    I just checked on a keyword that I used to rank almost at the top for on Yahoo – arctic pollution – and realized that now I’m suddenly appearing on page 4 of the listings. I’m amazed at how totally different the rankings are on Yahoo now that they are using Bing. That’s unfortunate for me, although someone else might be experiencing the opposite now. It’s just surprising to me that these two search engines, Yahoo and Bing, rank sites in such different ways … which will make the merging of the two sites quite an upset for people’s rankings.

  • Guest

    Anything I can do to help topple the Google Tyrants. Quite frankly, I grow tired of the lack of benevolence from Google. If they want to be Dictator they can at least be Benevolent.

  • Cindy

    Oh GREAT!.. I am being sarcastic…
    We like to advertise on Yahoo Sponsored Ads because most of our competitors used Google and Bing for advertising.. Now their (Bings) results will be display in Yahoo’s paid search results…

  • Lee Jacklson

    Bing places a lot of emphasis on outbound links on a page, particularly those linking to authority sites. Just another way of optimising for Bing!

  • abbas

    why my page indexed is very low in bing
    my index in google is 4000
    but my index in bing 170
    do you know?

    • Bob

      Thank you for contacting Bing Customer Support. Please press 2 for Spanish. Press 1 if you want Chris. Press 3 if you need glasses. Press 0 if you need go get your money back on that GED diploma that didn’t work.

  • buybooksonline

    What I find interesting is the fact that both Yahoo and Bing use completly different method for ranking SERPS and yet they are going to blend the results. Have they developed an algorhythm that takes both lots of results into account asnd melds them into one or will it always only be paid adds in the mix.

  • Code

    Have noticed clients that have dropped off 1st-4th position on first page of yahoo listings to nowhere to be found without entering the name of the business too in bing. Not impressed with the results as ‘relevant’. I personally have not been a fan of Google and championed yahoo for years, unfortunately, like many things, this is now marking a change in my views on search and the affect on our clients at Dream 9 Media !

  • Kurt Schmitt

    The rankings between Yahoo! and Bing are certainly different, but this is to be expected. On balance, though, I suspect things will even out and end up being about the same overall for my sites.

    • Karen Cole

      Or I could have a heart attack tomorrow. Anyway, my site and business are very small, and I am trying to charge my clients more best I can for my workers. So is everyone else, said Dr. King. Meanwhile, I am sure that all change will benefit us somehow, maybe especially the slower, more gradual ones, from my many years of experience regarding SEO on the Internet. Sudden changes do seem to puzzle the heck out of everyone, and we do have some problems adapting to one. And I still wonder if it “counts” somehow that I am a girl, and not a boy. Love to you all. Singed LOL Karen Cole

  • Gator Web Design

    A good, interesting article.

    I was recently approached in the UK (Infoseek) on behalf of Yahoo, trying to sell me paid/sponsored ads for Yahoo. When I asked them about the merger, I was told that any such paid ads would appear solely on Yahoo and not MSN. He said that had not yet started to merge the paid ads.

    You can read useful seo tips at our blog: – Reading, Berkshire UK.

  • Atya Amberville

    nice article.. thanx..

  • Martin Shiels

    I dont quite understand what has happened. I was on page 2 of yahoo, page 12 Bing and now am down about page 10. Not hugely impressed with the ‘improvement’. Hopefully it will revert to prior rankings and that this is temporary.
    Thanks for the info, I could do work on getting it up on Bing again but was hoping it wouldnt be necessary.

  • Noah

    With the small market share and equally reliable search results, it’s not surprising that nobody who matters really cares about getting listed on Bing. If you ain’t on Google — at least for the moment — you don’t exist.

    • Chris Crum

      No, don’t work for Microsoft, and there’s no question that Google has a great deal more of the search market share, but Bing’s will go up dramatically with Yahoo, not to mention people searching on Facebook and Bing on mobile devices. I don’t see them surpassing Google anytime soon, but if you want to maximize your visibility, I wouldn’t ignore Bing.

  • hypnohotshot

    Hi, how do I optimize for Yahoo/Bing, if their share is going to go up.
    Is it correct they give a lot of weight to outbound links.

  • Document Scanning Craig

    Bing is quite unpredictable and I wouldnt see myself using it personally as it has a lot of inconsistencies. I find it likes to rank sites which have the url matching the keyword mainly. our site seems to rank well in bing for its keywords more so than our other 4 sites and it is not even optimised often. whereas we break our backs on the other 4 sites and it shows them well in google.

  • tools for sale

    I spend all my time working with google serps – hopefully bing and yahoo will rank easily than google

  • JImmy Ng

    I see no harm optimising for Bing and Yahoo besides Google. The SE landscape can change maybe not now but who knows a few years down the road.

  • hkseo

    Who’s so funny to use Bing?

    • Love Bing

      Me. I was a Google whore, a fanboy, not anymore. Google is a thing of the past. I can’t find anything relevant there anymore. Google is just not as good anymore. Their stock is tanking, search results are irrelevant, good sites are nowhere to be found, and now they are trying to copy other search engines. Seems they are in a lot trouble.

  • SatanicElectro

    … algorithm and results of both search engines will be the same 😀

  • Joe

    I have been watching my analytics close to follow this new search alliance between Bing and Yahoo. With my site the results are clear the combined search of Yahoo and Bing will be very close to the results I get from Google in total visits I think it is clear that this is going to be good for customers and webmasters. I think anyone that don

  • Duck Farmer

    Well I don’t guess this is good for anyone, now I go from #1 on a yahoo search for “pekin Duck eggs for sale” down to who knows what now. I never liked Bing. I always preferred Google first, then Yahoo. I have never been to excited with Bing results, and not just results that point to me, but to results ofor things I am searching for. Bing just never seemed to get me as relevant matches as I needed.

  • Mulih Ma’mun


  • Muflih Ma’amun
  • Satellite TV Installation

    I think that instead of constantly worrying about every little change to search engines it makes more sense to put out quality content using SEO basics.

    Seriously, do you want dozens of hours/money worrying about the smallest of algorithm changes only to be modified a week later.

    All the search engines are basically the same.

  • Guest

    Good Idea

  • Link Building Strategies

    We build a lot of niche websites around particular markets, both for our own sites, and for clients. I see some odd but interesting results sometimes.

    Primary top level exact keyword domains work really well and get good ranking in Google, and usually Bing, but not always Yahoo. So, for us Bing results showing up in Yahoo doesn’t sound bad. We get better ROI on our Bing ad spend than on Google, but the sites we manage for that are consumable products, which do tend to do better with Bing users than more technical Google users. If Yahoo uses a similar format to what Bing has optimized, then the ROI on our current ad spend might stay the same with a longer reach. If not, we may have to re-assess whether the ad spend is still generating good ROI, or if it has been diluted by Yahoo’s lower conversion rate for consumables.

    Organically though, it seems like things are either one way or the other, which is funny because we do the same things for all of our sites. I have noticed that hyphenated keyword domains don’t fair anywhere near as well as non-hyphenated in any of the engines initially, BUT that with some link building they do come up faster in Yahoo and Bing than in Google. Eventually over time with continual link building… and we’re talking 6 to 9 months… the hyphenated domains will come up, but it’s always a struggle.

    Sometimes we come up evenly near the top of all 3 sites, and then other times we will rank very high on one, and invariably no where near the top on the others. And, no matter how much you look at all the numbers to try to make an educated choice, at the end of the day it seems to come down to the art of the matter as well.

    Unique content seems to make a bigger difference in Google and I’m glad because I really don’t like the quantities of people that are putting up junk sites. It always amazes me the amount of time and resources people put into building huge websites based on garbage from scraping and posting, instead of just building sites that give value and continually climb in rankings.


  • austinseoservices

    In difference from Google, Bing tends to put less weight on external links and gives more weight on the page content and internal links to that page.

  • rudraksha

    Bing search is good. But yahoo search is useless. very slow response.

  • JQuarta

    Personally glad to see this partnership, anything to give Google more competition.


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