Yahoo Sports Shortcut Takes A Swing

    August 10, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Do a query for a professional athlete on Yahoo Search, and a new Sports Shortcut may appear with extra details about him. UPDATE: It does now in Firefox; please see the comments section for details.

I’m a sports fan, I should be excited about the Sports Shortcut debuting on Yahoo Search. It appears some testing still needs to take place.

Like other Yahoo Shortcuts, the Sports Shortcut delivers a block of information about an athlete. Yahoo Search’s Ya-Bing Chu gives Dontrelle Willis as a search example. The shortcut…doesn’t show up in Firefox.

Strange. I tried it in Opera, Safari, and even IE, and there’s Willis, beaming out of his Shortcut over his 4.98 ERA. (Note to non-baseball fans: that’s an atrocious Earned Runs Average). Same thing happened when searching for Seattle’s dynamic leadoff hitter, Ichiro.

The Shortcut seems to be just for baseball players right now. A search for Peyton Manning didn’t bring up a Shortcut. Neither does a query for Eli Manning, but it’s not like he deserves one.

Omitting Firefox from the Shortcut looks like a strange oversight. We may have to blame Chu for this, as he is a Red Sox fan. Let’s hope Yahoo can get a New York fan to look into this.