Yahoo, Sony BMG Partner Over Video-On-Demand

    November 20, 2007

Destination Handycam seemed like a marketing ploy as much as the result an important partnership, but the site, which was worked on by both Sony and Yahoo, may have led to the current development: a deal relating to music and video content.

Travel and a specific camcorder compared to the ability to upload some extremely popular entertainment clips?  Well, maybe.  In any event, users have indeed gained that ability to upload, and onlookers have taken note.

With artists like Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, and System of a Down (among dozens, if not hundreds, of others) involved, the arrangement seems highly significant.  There’s one nagging question, though, since Yahoo Video is pretty much shunned by all; Stan Schroeder notes, “This is the first time Yahoo has signed a deal with a major record company for licensing video content; could it mean that they’re preparing something extra in the video/music arena soon?”

We may just have to wait and see on that front.  Still, for Yahoo’s sake, there hopefully won’t be too much of a delay before we find out – Google signed a similar deal with Sony BMG over a year ago, and YouTube isn’t growing any less popular as the days pass by.

Sony BMG will, by the way, receive a cut of advertising revenue, but neither it nor Yahoo have shared specifics.