Yahoo Site Explorer Figures Jump

    June 1, 2007

It looks like there’s been an update to Yahoo Site Explorer links today, I’ve noticed a large increase in inbound links for a number of different sites.

I first found that had increased to 12,779 from around 10,000 which is great! :) But I’m not the only one, last week I noted down the total number of links for Digg, SEOmoz, Pronet Advertising and Tropical SEO and they have all received substantal increases too:

Digg: 80,581,285 -> 96,274,838
SEOmoz: 512,025 -> 700,970
Pronet Advertising: 198,313 -> 225,616
Tropical SEO: 13,803 -> 17,600

I just noticed that for all link searches you can only view the first 1,000 inbound links, I don’t think I’ve ever checked that far down before though so not sure if there’s always been a limit to this.