Yahoo Signs Mobile Search Deal With O2 Germany

    November 2, 2009

More than 15 million Germans should now have a little additional Yahoo in their lives.  Yahoo’s signed a mobile search deal with O2 Germany, and the American company’s search engine and a number of other services are getting promoted as a result.

A press release made into semi-English by Google Translate stated, "Besides mobile search by O2 customers get through links from the O2 portals direct access to other popular Yahoo! Products such as the Yahoo! Frontpage, Yahoo! Frontpage, Yahoo! Nachrichten, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sport, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! Finanzen, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Mail oder auch Flickr."

And while all of that would be impressive enough on its own, the new deal’s especially interesting because Yahoo is replacing Google as O2 Germany’s default search provider.  It’s not every day a swap like that happens.

Also, the partnership sort of builds on previous relationships (thus indicating a certain degree of success), as Yahoo already has ties to O2 in 15 other countries in Europe and Latin America.

Unfortunately, the exact terms of the new deal remain unknown, but the press release did make clear that this is a multi-year arrangement.

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