Yahoo Signs Deals With Nine Asian Carriers

    November 13, 2007

Yahoo’s been criticized for having far too many executives in its organization.  Whoever’s connected to oneSearch is certainly earning their pay, though, as the product has just been picked up by nine more mobile operators.

This seemingly special accomplishment isn’t too unusual; we’ve seen oneSearch expand by leaps and bounds before.  Still, the development took place in an area that greatly interests many American companies – the Asia Pacific region – and will bring Yahoo up to a noteworthy level of market penetration.

Yahoo Signs Deals With Nine Asian Carriers Marco Boerries, the company’s top mobile executive, put the figure at “roughly 40 percent coverage of all subscribers in those countries” in an interview with Eric Auchard.  (“Those countries” include India, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.)  Boerries also indicated that Yahoo doesn’t plan to stop there, adding, “We have a clear goal to lead the market.  The goal is to exceed 50 percent.”

It’s hard to see why this wouldn’t be achievable, given the lack of competition from another giant like Google or Microsoft.  Yahoo will still have to challenge local services, of course, but its oneSearch monetization and revenue-sharing plans seem to have caught carriers’ eyes.