Yahoo Shortcuts Searchers To Enhancements

    August 23, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Popular searches for consumer electronics, medical information, and NFL players now generate Yahoo Shortcuts in the search engine’s results pages.

Yahoo Shortcuts Searchers To Enhancements
Yahoo Shortcuts Searchers To Enhancements

Yahoo had revealed its Major League Baseball Shortcuts recently. With the close of SES San Jose for 2007, a trio of new ones have been opened for Yahoo searchers.

The Yahoo Search blog has a preview of the latest shortcuts. We’re thrilled that they finally rolled out one for the National Football League. Let’s face facts: which one are we looking forward to seeing play in a couple of weeks, the Reds or the Bengals?

Yahoo’s other two Shortcuts focus on topics that are of significant interest to searchers. Queries for consumer electronics items like laptops bring up a Shortcut with shopping results, including links to brands, specific models, and buying guide information from the Yahoo Tech site.

Medical conditions and medications have a set of Shortcuts available now. Searching for a pharmaceutical will bring up a Shortcut with its name, generic name if available, and linked articles and communities about the drug.

Looking up a medical condition yields similar information, but includes links to other resources when available. Yahoo does not appear to be using a specific health information partner for those resources, as we have seen do with Healthline for its medical Smart Answers debut this month.