Yahoo Set To Pick Lockport, NY For New Data Center

    June 12, 2009

In a somewhat literal sense, Yahoo appears to be on the move again.  A fresh report indicates that the company’s very interested in building another data center, and Lockport, New York has been identified as one likely location. 

Yahoo Logo

According to the Buffalo News, "Yahoo! wants to break ground in August, with a completion target date of September 2010, [Lockport Supervisor Marc] Smith said."  The data center should be about 190,000 square feet in size, and Yahoo intends to spend $150 million on it.

Interesting, right?  Now, one sticking point is that people on both the Yahoo and Lockport ends of things have said nothing’s finalized; no contracts have been signed.  It also seems that some Lockport politicians spilled the beans about the preliminary dealings before they were supposed to.

But Yahoo has sought formal site approval and a tax break in Lockport, which bodes well for the project, and even if Lockport doesn’t wind up being chosen, Yahoo’s liable to start construction somewhere soon for the sake of that September 2010 target date.

And here’s a nice tidbit: with the data center should come at least 75 jobs paying an average of $50,000 per year.