Yahoo Seeking Stars For ‘Talent Show’

    October 23, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Online celebrity could be a digital video away for some lucky people who enter Yahoo’s Talent Show contest, as the company turns to user-generated content again to reinforce its brand.

Well we got our guitars and we got thumb picks
And we go on after some lip-synch chicks
We're feelin' good from the pills we took
Oh, baby, don't gimme that look

-- obligatory lyrics from The Replacements' song, 'Talent Show'

We have to wonder if LonelyGirl15 will show up for Yahoo’s open call for Yahoo! Talent Show. The latest promotion from Yahoo seeks a talented “web celeb” to, in the words of Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, “Save The Web From Bad Videos.”

Oh, and it’s Ninja-approved too.

People looking for fame (some), and fortune ($50,000) can upload videos through November 27th. Starting November 13th and running through December 4th, visitors to the Talent Show site can vote and comment on videos selected for attention from show host Mayleen Ramey.

The voting will narrow the field down to a group of five finalists. Yahoo said these lucky finalists will compete in a series of creative video challenges that people will be able to watch at the Talent Show website.

Those viewers will vote for the grand prize winner, who will get the grand prize of starring in or producing an online show on Yahoo, along with the $50,000. Yahoo will run the grand prize winner’s video on December 14th.


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