Yahoo Search Team Parties In Las Vegas

    November 23, 2004

The Yahoo Search team is back from the WebmasterWorld conference in Las Vegas. It sounds like they had a great time conferencing.

There were about 1500 people attending this years conference. WebmasterWorld is clearly giving Search Engine Strategies a run for their money as the top search conference. Although, with the experience of Jupitermedia and Danny Sullivan I expect SES to stay on top. Congratulations Brett!

Nancy Evars of the Yahoo! Search team also provided some great links to the presentations of the Yahoo speakers. If you are interested in search at all these are worth reading:

  • Search Friendly Design by Tim Mayer
  • Search Engines and Webmasters by Tim Mayer
  • PFI Topics and Issues by Tim Mayer
  • Yahoo! Shopping by Andy Chen
  • Yahoo! Local by Ali Diab
  • Weblogs, Community, and Search by Jeremy Zawodny
  • And some links to party pictures too …

  • WrightTimes
  • Jeremy Zawodny
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