Yahoo Search Results to Include More Sponsors

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Yahoo has launched a pilot program called "More Sponsors" in which it will add links at the bottom of Yahoo search results for more PPC adds. When a user clicks on one of the links it will bring up a page with nothing but sponsored search ads.

The feature is supported by Yahoo's Search Assist features (the search engine's suggestions feature). "For example, the consumer might type in 'Hawaii vacation,' and Yahoo! might suggest vacations packages or resorts," explains Laurie Sullivan on Yahoo's Search Marketing blog.

Yahoo - More Sponsored Search Results

The More Sponsors feature will appear on Yahoo Search to begin with, but Yahoo will spread it across more of the Yahoo Network where ads appear. Sullivan says the ads may include images or logos in the future, and that if the ads are ranked highly in standard sponsored results for a given search term, they will likely be shown in sponsored-only results for that same search term.

Once Yahoo and Microsoft get integrated with one another per their big search and advertising deal, Microsoft will take over execution of ads. Yahoo will still maintain control of the user experience, as the company has repeatedly pointed out, and that includes how the ads look on the page.

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