Yahoo Search Results (Sometimes) Get Delicious

    January 21, 2008

If we hadn’t reached the point at which it’s okay to spell a certain site’s name without two periods, well . . . you probably wouldn’t be reading this story.  But since we’ve gotten there, it seems safe to report that Yahoo is integrating info from Delicious into its search results.Yahoo Search Results (Sometimes) Get Delicious

The (very mildly) funny part?  Even in the integrated search results, Yahoo isn’t making Delicious’s name visible – there’s just the four-square logo.  It seems as if Yahoo, which owns Delicious, might have realized the moniker is a little overcomplicated.

Whatever the case, though, it looks like not all Yahoo users will get to meet the social bookmarking site.  Danny Sullivan reports that the integration is only an experiment, and neither he nor we seem to have been included in the test group.  Still, Sullivan managed to acquire some screenshots of the Yahoo-Delicious results, and they reveal an interesting layout.

By listing how many people bookmarked a page, the results should give users a good idea of how (un)popular any given site is.  Also, a list of the tags associated with the page should help peg its purpose.

None of the circumstances surrounding the experiment have been shared, however, so it’s hard to say whether this will be expanded or ended, and whether either fate will occur in the near future.