Yahoo: Search & Display Delivers Better Results

    December 6, 2006

A study conducted by Yahoo! and comScore Networks has established that combined search and display ad campaigns deliver far better results than when used independently.

The study has been entitled as “Close the Loop: Understanding Search and Display Synergy,” showed a significant lift in onsite engagement and an increase in online and offline purchasing by consumers who are exposed to integrated campaigns that employ both types of online advertising.

“The research was based on results from actual advertising campaigns from Fortune 100 companies in several vertical categories. The overall results showed that when viewed together, campaigns that take advantage of both search and display advertising are far more engaging and effective than those viewed individually. Online users who were exposed to both the search and display advertising campaigns increased their share of page views relative to competitive sites by 68 percent, and time spent by 66 percent. More importantly, among those exposed to both the search and display ads, purchases of the advertiser’s products and services increased by 244 percent online and 89 percent offline compared to online users with similar behavior who were not exposed to these ads.”

It has also been found that exposure to a display advertisement increases related trademark term searches by an average of 26%. This means interest generated from display advertising carries over to consumer search behavior. Marketers must therefore utilize both to take full advantage of their online brand presence.


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