Yahoo Running Radio Ads

    March 20, 2008

When was the last time you listened to a radio ad?  Thanks to satellite radio, they simply don’t exist for some people.  Others make a reflexive lunge for the remote or head unit every time the music stops.  Yahoo’s trying its luck, however, with new promotional spots.

 Yahoo Is Running Radio Ads

WebProNews is based far away from the region in which the ads are being run, so we’ve turned to Elinor Mills for their message.  "’Search engines like Google get you lost in all the links, but not Yahoo search,’ one of the ads says . . ."  This is a bit puzzling, as both Google and Yahoo tend to offer ten results and a "next" button.

But to move on, Mills writes that the ads also highlight "drop-down menus with related suggestions as the searcher types. . . .  ‘You won’t find that on your Google page!’ it says, before ending with the trademark Yahoo yodel."  So, um . . . Yahoo’s there for you if you can’t formulate your own queries?

These problems aside, the ads fit in with the intense activity that we’ve seen at Yahoo since Microsoft made its acquisition offer.  Some’s been productive, and some hasn’t, but the company, as a whole, is scrambling to prove itself.

Everyone who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area can keep an ear open and judge for themselves whether it’s doing a convincing job.