Yahoo Rolls Out Unannounced SERP Update

    July 20, 2005

Every so often, a search engine has to refresh the contents of their index by performing any number of result-related updates. It’s usually pretty easy to find when search updates are going on, especially when it affects the big 3. All you have to do is monitor any of the popular SEO/SEM forums.

The update in question belongs to Yahoo; and while it may not generate the type of buzz that a Google update does, people still take notice when something changes about their result ranking, be it good or bad. According to Barry at SearchEngineRoundtable, this particular Yahoo update came without warning. It’s also uncertain whether this update is backlink related, an index update, or if Yahoo is testing a new algorithm.

Again, when updates that can potentially affect a site’s SERP ranking, there will be reactions, both good and bad. However, judging by the reactions in the WebmasterWorld forum, this update seems to affecting many users in a negative manner. Some examples:

moelost: 3000 pages indexed to 190. I really hope this is a fluke.

sofree: There are a lot of spammy keywordy sites being listed highly, hopefully these will go away.

ska_demon: My site just dropped from over 3000 pages listed to 8! I am nowhere to be found for any of my keywords that have done me proud for a long time. Hopefully this is just part of the update and everything will come back when it’s over.

Otherwise, for me, this update will be known as…. UPDATE “Dammit”

Good stuff. Hopefully, some of you are having better luck with this update then the folks above are.

Chris Richardson is a search engine writer and editor for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest search news.