Yahoo Results Now Reveal Your Destiny

    April 16, 2004

A recent Onion article, “Yahoo Launches Soul-Search Engine,” made satirical claims that Yahoo launched a soul-searching engine.

The Onion fabricated the following quote from Terry Semel, “Capable of navigating the billions of thoughts, experiences, and emotions that make up the human psyche, the new Yahoo soul-search engine helps users find what’s deep inside them quickly and easily.”

Yahoo answered this Onion spoof with a spoof of their own.

Now if you search on the term, “what is my destiny” in Yahoo you’ll find, above the ads even, the icon of a crystal ball and a sardonic fortune that changes each time you refresh.

Here’s one of my favorites: “this will be a memorable month — no matter how hard you try to forget it.”

Check your fortune!

What do you think of Yahoo’s joke?

Props to Battelle.

Garrett French is the editor of iEntry’s eBusiness channel. You can talk to him directly at WebProWorld, the eBusiness Community Forum.