Yahoo Reminds Photo Users Of Shutdown

    August 16, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

An email from Yahoo arrived in the inboxes of its Photos service users to remind them of the September 20 shutdown date.

Yahoo Reminds Photo Users Of Shutdown
Yahoo Reminds Photo Users Of Shutdown

Yahoo Photos officially closes at 9 pm PDT on September 20th, which makes their front page suggestion to join the Web’s largest photo sharing service a little confusing, especially since the closing date for the service appears on the same page.

People who may have forgotten about Yahoo’s consolidation of photo sharing efforts to focus on Flickr have a month to decide what they want to do with their images. Yahoo offered several options to transfer those photos, either to Flickr or another service.

Photos can be downloaded back to one’s machine, an option that probably won’t appeal to people who posted them to Yahoo Photos in the first place to clear up some hard drive space. For a fee, users of the new version of Yahoo Photos can have their images archived to CD and delivered.

The consolidation of Yahoo Photos and Flickr comes as Yahoo looks at streamlining its product offerings, and removing duplicates. Though it’s inconvenient to Yahoo Photos users, the decision to focus on just one service makes sense.