Yahoo, Qantas Airways Will Send People To Australia

    January 4, 2008

You’ve got to admire the timing of this one; just as a new Hitwise study found that searchers in the UK seem more interested in visiting Australia than any other place, word has leaked out that Yahoo, Qantas Airways, and Tourism Australia are about to launch a campaign focusing on the continent.

The phrase "leaked out" may overplay the matter; it’s not as if this is some top-secret method of beating Google. Yahoo, Qantas Airways Will Send People To Australia Still, while we wish our readers all the best in the contest, the site at which it’ll actually be held doesn’t seem to be known (never mind live) yet.

Internet Travel News simply reports, "TA and Qantas will be giving away one flight each day for the campaign period that begins on 7 January and ends on Australia Day (26 January)."  Keep an eye on Yahoo UK & Ireland during that time period, then, if the idea of a free trip from the UK to Australia appeals to you.

The contest will, of course, try to inspire at least a few participants to take not-free flights; the sole practice of giving stuff away doesn’t do a lot for profits.  Tourism Australia and Qantas Airways would benefit directly as a result.  Yahoo would presumably get its reward as its marketing credibility increases.